Fox Spirit Matchmaker the Wang Quan Chapter Releases First Official Posters with Leads Cheng Yi and Li Yi Tong

I’m just relieved that the three Fox Spirit Matchmaker dramas are all produced by the same company, otherwise it runs the risk of airing against each other as recently seen with the Chinese Paladin drama adaptations Sword and Fairy. The first one the Yue Hong chapter has been done filming since 2022 and is ready for release any time, and reportedly it will be in the summer of 2024. The Zhu Ye chapter just finished filming and the last chapter the Wang Quan chapter is currently filming with leads Cheng Yi and Li Yi Tong. I really like the costumes and visuals and the first character posters have a nice action in motion look.


Fox Spirit Matchmaker the Wang Quan Chapter Releases First Official Posters with Leads Cheng Yi and Li Yi Tong — 12 Comments

      • Nothing happened. There’s only something wrong with haters/trolls heads who definitely have too much time on their hands… Better ignore.

        Those posters are stunning. I’m so looking forward to their collab. Third chapter is the one I’m anticipating the most out of all the ‘Fox Spirit Matchmaker’ series. Cheng Yi and Li Yi Tong look so badass on the reuters pics/vids that were leaked hence I’m sure they will kill it in their roles.

      • He was buying water for that CMG awards ceremony posts even though he wasn’t nominated, apart from MLC as a shoe itself. It was like an army of bots crawling that disappeared after 24 hours because that’s how long they last. But it was so embarrassing to see and obvious it was bots.

        Then once the awards aired CCTV showed the clip for best dramas and used ML2 for MLC and not him. When talking about male leads this year on CCTV he was omitted.

        Overall, good job in getting himself on CCTV bad side because his ego was too big and he couldn’t handle others were nominated so he had to flex. Turned out great!

      • The one down, you think CY needs water army? I think u hang with the international side too much you dont know CY’s strength on the domestic market

  1. I enjoy watching Cheng Yi is xianxia dramas and I’m also excited to see Li Yi Tong back this genre as well. I’m quite excited for all three chapters so hopefully none of them disappoint.

  2. The costumes and hair styling of the Fox Spirit Matchmaker series are on point. Everyone—including the supporting actors—look so fabulous!

  3. I won’t watch thanks to unwatchable Chen Yi. LOL. But I agree the posters look good. In general, Cdrama trailers or posters always overstated the qualities of the dramas in general. This one may not be an exception either.

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