Song Ha Yoon Discusses Going Method Acting for Her Breakout Villainess Role in tvN Drama Marry My Husband

So K-actress Song Ha Yoon has been in the industry for 21 years (!!!) and has only just broken out, so she deserves to bask in this limelight and enjoy it for as long as she likes. She was interviewed for a post-drama chat after Marry My Husband finished this week and she expressed on living the role of Jung Soo Min for the past year. Since she got the role, her first antagonist one to boot, she’s been working hard to craft the performance to really make it come to life. She mentioned cutting off her friends and family and going method acting for some time, even deleting her pictures of SNS and trying to use her real life sadness as Song Ha Yoon and converting Soo Min. For those who are superstitious, she was originally Kim Byul as her name when she started acting and after ten years changed it to Song Ha Yoon and after that her career got more traction. Name changing to change luck is a very common thing in Chinese and Korean culture so I’m glad it worked out for her, though I attribute her current success to a slowly built up resume of good acting in supporting roles until now.


Song Ha Yoon Discusses Going Method Acting for Her Breakout Villainess Role in tvN Drama Marry My Husband — 17 Comments

  1. Her and Lee Kiyoung really stole the show for me. Park Min Young has always been a steady actress that you can rely on. Na In Woo was incredibly bland but serviceable. BoA was by far the worst though. They did such a good job on casting everyone else, how did they mess up this one casting so bad.

    I hope Song Ha Yoon gets a lot more opportunities going forward. Soo Min was a tough role and she hit it out of the park. Also, this woman doesn’t age. She’s only a month younger than BoA, but looks like 10 years younger.

    • Agreed with everything you said. The 2nd leads indeed stood out. I was shocked to find BoA’s visuals so unflattering. She used to be a Kpop Goddess in the eyes of many many many fans and her influence was also significant. I recalled (if correctly) she’s the first Kpop star to have shares of her agency (SM). I wonder why she took such a dislikable role showing all her weakness. Not a smart choice for her.

  2. Method acting is tough…not many are able to do it even if they try. One need to have Strong theory of the mind to connect with the character. Stanislavski’s system: A Russian director went in deep in this Method. There is a book written by Konstantin Stanislavski that talk about how to an actor prepares himself ahead of filming, how to build his role and then create the character. They would stay so even when they are not filming and cutting off your normal life. Getting deep into the mind, body and soul of the character.

    I know Tong Leung, Daniel Day Lewis, Al Pacino. just naming afew… that uses such method. Even they said in interviews it is tough.
    Song Ya Yoon did very well…her role was the most complex of everyone in the drama. She captured the character very well…I really felt all sorts of emotions for her…the highs and lows. i did not hate her character at all…I felt so sad for her.

    • I wonder if this acting approach might have driven some actors to insanity. Seriously, there were several actors reportedly going mental breakdown eventually, e.g., one of my favorite actresses of last century, British actress, Vivian Leigh. She was incredible. She had bipolar, however. For another example that’s irrelevant to mental issues but the Method Acting, Xiao Zhan said that he had trouble coming out of the world of Wei Wuxian after the filming of The Untamed was wrapped up. He did live in the soul of WWX while filming TU. He went on a trip to get out of it. That’s also an approach how he has been playing his roles in different dramas. Now he seemed to have got the hang of adjusting himself in and out of the roles freely per his recent interview. I still think WWX is the most touching character among all the characters he has played so far even his acting became more mature after that breakout drama.

      I guess this acting method of Method Acting has some risk factors for actors’ health. Just saying.

      • It has huge risk for some more then others…and even Daniel Day Lewis mentioned so too… He struggled to get out of character for a long while.

      • A lot of brilliant actors didn’t have to go through the Method Acting which is very though . @Somebody, named Vivien Leigh , Sir Lawrence Olivier was more into the theater formation , Gene Tierney( Leave her to heaven)Spencer tracy ( great Jekill and Hyde) from the American Academy Of dramatic arts did great performances . Great actors come from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts ( Matthew Macfadyen, Anthony Hopkins(highly recommend his new movie), Imelda Staunton, Sally Hawkins,…to name a few ones, In france ,le court Florent give some of the best actors . And they are actors who are just gifted with the talent of acting without known methods , Gerard Depardieu, Virginie Efira, Patrick Dewaere , Isabelle Huppert,all act with their instinct .

      • @Cahill, definitely true… The Method is just a acting technique. There are others too. And good actors use different techniques to create their characters.

  3. South Korea is amazing. Even the child actors are so good. With a population of just over 50 million they are dominating the entertainment business and taken over the world. There is no one who doesn’t know kdrama, Kpop, etc. Their dramas are like crack – you can’t stop watching. I even understand Korean tho I was never interested in learning the language. I want to learn Mandarin and wish Chinese dramas were as addictive. I think LYN might get me addicted. He might help me learn Mandarin.

  4. I’ve noticed her since Fight Your Way and knew she’d get somewhere someday. She has good screen presence. Her career panned out a bit like Lim Ji Yeon, playing mostly support then bam! Negative roles steal the show. Playing a good guy onscreen is a bit overrated if you ask me. lol Being in a negative role gives actors the opportunity to play someone they are totally not (hopefully) so the drive to play the character as realistic as possible is what they want to accomplish. Its good to play the good and bad guy/girl. Its helps build diversity as an actor.

  5. I was a fan of her even before this role and I’m glad she will have better opportunities for someone who worked so hard and at time not getting paid.

  6. Method acting to this extent…I’ll never quite understand. I just feel like it’s not right? She’s cutting out friends and family? Why? To understand a character. Okay, but what repercussions could that have to her real life? Real people with real feelings.

    I’m happy she’s finding success and she put on a great performance, but at what cost?

  7. I always think that she’s pretty. But idk why she didnt get many opportunities to show her abilities. She can do both protagonist and antagonist.

    I remember watching her with Choi jin hyuk years ago and falling in love with their chemistry and acting eventho the story didnt go any better lol.

    Good for her, this eonni really deserves some recognitions. Fighting!

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  9. She was the only good part of this drama for me. Her character was the most interesting and her acting was great.

    The main characters were boring and the actors failed to make it better.

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