Tang Yan Basks in Career Resurgence Post Blossoms Shanghai with Sleek Grazia Magazine Spread and Landing Louis Vuitton China Partnership

What a difference a few months and a hit drama makes, and for C-actress Tang Yan it’s literally night and day. She was on the downswing the last three years and even got mocked by her own fans for her agency released really fashionably cheesy pictures for her birthday. But after the C-drama Blossoms Shanghai came out last month in January 2024, she has benefited from the buzz and success (solid though not stratospheric) and is back on the upswing. She is gracing the cover and pages of Grazia magazine March 2024 edition in very fashion forward sleek looks and reportedly has landed a partnership with top couture brand Louis Vuitton for the China region (either brand ambassador or spokesperson). She is also angling for a top level drama so if that gets announced she is clearly using this hot period to get as much as she can and good for her.


Tang Yan Basks in Career Resurgence Post Blossoms Shanghai with Sleek Grazia Magazine Spread and Landing Louis Vuitton China Partnership — 25 Comments

  1. Wong Kar Wai knows how to bring out the beauty of women. My fav Zhang Ziyi films are 2026 and The Grandmaster. Of course there’s also the peerless Faye Wong In Chunking Express and Maggie Cheung in In the Mood for Love. And the incomparable Bridget Lin as a stylish smuggler in a trench coat and a blonde wig in CE and a gender confused warrior in Ashes of Time. Hong Kong cinema used to be so great. I hope WJW directs more in Mainland China. A Wuxia tv series would be so amazing with LYN as the lead!!!

      • @Somebody

        I don’t have problem with her looks, but her voice. It’s high pitch – distracting to me.

      • @XZF, Her high pitch voice is not great for my ears but Esther’s girly voice gives me brain fog…
        Her acting is not bad…she can be adorable for some roles.. but a voice actor works better in her case.

    • @HL

      Me too. I will try to forget the ones we saw here last year. It was so 土 if you know what I mean (earthy or country girl)? This look suits her very well. I really like it. πŸ’œπŸ€™πŸ’

    • @HL

      Speaking of look – I always feel like whoever (their stylists) styled Hu Ge and Zhu Yi Long, they made them look 土 (earthy) to me. It’s just my opinion. I do like them, but I can’t shake that feeling off. Have you seen ZYL in the red suit when he was performing a song with Wang Kai and another guy for CNY? That suit made him look so 土. πŸ€”πŸ™„

      • Oh yes, I did see his outfit. Zhu Yi Long came a long long way… I thought he disappeared but he was making movies. Good to see him doing well. Amongst the 3 stars singing, I have to say, Wang Kai still stand out. Wang Kai have taken a conscious laid back step on his career. Zhu Yi Long have made a switch from being a idol.

        I like Hu Ge’s looks too except the velvet coats(I am not fond of velvet coat).

      • @XZF, OMG!! When I first read the word 土…And you used Eartly, i though it was positive…It only click when I re-read what 土 means. Sorry, My mandarin reading is really not great, I gave them back to my Chinese teacher decades ago… I can still speak and hear…just cannot read. 🀣🀣
        Yes, HU Ge is very 土…what is with his love for velvet coats?? And his brush back hair??
        Zhu Yi Long wore a bandana for one of his awards…I was thinking?????πŸ€”πŸ€”

      • @HL

        I’m glad you know what I meant now. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… They both desperately need new stylists. I also don’t like HG’s velvet blazers. There was a reason why ZYL wore the bandana @ that award event. He got head injury while filming and that was the reason he wore it. That is understandable. It’s still very good that you can listen and speaking Mandarin. I can speak, read, listen, but my writing is so rusty now. 😩 Chinese dramas help me retain the language. 😊

      • @XZF, Oh…no wonder he had bandana on..
        Chinese drama helped me learn to love Chinese language. Where II grew up, I moved around alot… The Chinese teachers I had made the language so boring…I really did not enjoy my lessons… Now, I love the language due to Chinese dramas(Not the currents, but those from 20yrs ago). These days I listen to audio novels to improve my listening and comprehension skills. Forget about writing… my love have not extended to learning how to write more then the limited vocabulary I have. 🀣🀣

      • @HL

        It’s great that you are doing your best to improve and retain your Chinese language skill. I’m trying to do the same also. When I’m watching Chinese dramas, movies or variety shows if there are subtitles I will read them also, so I won’t forget the characters. Chinese language is one of the harder languages to learn. When I’m watching dramas with poems – they are my biggest challenges. Jiayou always! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Hahaha LOL @ your chit chats. Tang Yan’s high pitch voice was highlighted even more in Shanghainess. Her character was the one standing out to me among all the three leading female characters in Blossoms Shanghai, not because of her acting but her character was the best written character among the three IMO. She appeared to me a one-dimensional actress most of the time, relying on her MLs’ charm to attract viewers to her dramas. When it’s a female-centric drama, she failed to carry the drama and turned it into good reviews, e.g., The Legend of Xiao Chuo.

      BS was popular in China but definitely not up my alley. It’s pretty overrated from my perspective as a fan of Hu Ge. Director WKW did not showcase the strength and charm of HG. Instead, BS made HG look like a loser of big time. I wasted my time watching the entire 30 eps. Such a huge disappointment.

      • I have not even completed the drama…lol…one of those that did not keep me watching no stop. I will try again when I am more free…lol. On my next trip to a hospital appointment whilst waiting for my turn to be seem…

  2. What a contrast to those corny, cheap looking pics she released a few months ago and her fansites were protesting. They must be happy and with this resurgence and improved styling πŸ˜€

    Wong Kar Wai and his cinematographers always know how to make his actresses look absolutely stunning. The industry is usually so misogynistic and ageist it is refreshing to see these 80s born actress having a career resurgence lately: Liu Yifei had a successful drama last year with “Meet Yourself” and even after marriage and baby, Liu Shi Shi and now Tang Yan are having a resurgence.

  3. Her character in blossoms was very likeable so she got very lucky: but that being said, luck only comes to those who are prepared – for some I SMH at their effort despite everything thrown at them. I felt she took it and made it her own which itself deserves applause and all the spotlight she can enjoy now!

    • I think Liu Shi Shi and Zhou Xun are more attractive, the kind of classic Asian beauty. Then you know my taste. Tang Yan’s visuals aren’t up my alley. Another example is Reba whom I’m not appealed to either.

    • She doesn’t know what to do with her visuals. Just going by these photos here, her face is the exact same stiffness in every single one. The difference is whether she has her lips opened or not.

  4. Wait, spokesperson and brand ambassador are different? I thought they’re the same lol. Can someone explain the difference between the two? Thanks

    • @Rue

      I googled it and I found this. I hope it helps. My guess is that the ambassador is representing a certain product for that company, but not the whole brand. For examples like certain company produces clothing, skincare for both women and men – Ms. B. Is the ambassador for their skincare only. Does it make sense to you? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

      β€œTypically, a brand will have multiple ambassadors, and their involvement with the brand is organized and executed via a formal brand ambassador program. A brand spokesperson is a person who works to promote and represent a brand in its marketplace.”

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