Kwak Dong Yeon and Lee Joo Bin Make an Adorable Secondary Couple in Upcoming tvN Drama The Queen of Tears

So hit screenwriter Park Ji Eun isn’t just known for making entertaining and highly rated K-dramas that provide a swoony romance for the main leads, she’s also known for a string of well-written and sometimes even scene-stealing secondary leads and/or couples which has led to many a breakout opportunities. In You From Another Star it benefitted Yoo In Na and Park Hae Jin, in Legend of the Blue Sea it helped Shin Hae Sun and Shin Won Ho, and the biggest breakout was in Crash Landing on You for Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye. I saw all this because I am beyond thrilled to see underrated Kwak Dong Yeon and Lee Joo Bin playing the second leads and a couple in the upcoming The Queen of Tears. I hope their own story line is sweet and they get their moment to deservingly shine.


Kwak Dong Yeon and Lee Joo Bin Make an Adorable Secondary Couple in Upcoming tvN Drama The Queen of Tears — 6 Comments

  1. There’s also Park Sung Hoon who has potentially the opportunity to break out here like Shin Sung Rok did in YFAS. His role outside of the leads was FAR more memorable and interesting than Yoo Inna or Park Hae Jin. Overall Queen has a really great cast line up and I’m excited for just about everything in this drama!

  2. When will Kwak Dong Yeon break out into a lead role instead of doing supporting characters? He’s way more talented than some of the idols that are being pushed into lead roles and much more senior than many of the newer faces in kdramas these days. It’s a pity his career hasn’t taken off as it should, given his talent and experience.

  3. Why does he keep getting paired with older actress? I just want to see him with someone his age for a change. Also, when will he come out of supporting roles? It’s time that he also start leading a drama.

  4. Happy to see that we’ll see him soon. But sad that people have slept on Gaus Electronics. It was an ensemble drama but he’s the central character and was great in it!

  5. The most famous PJE second lead was such a breakout people keep forgetting she was actually the second lead – IU in Producers!

    Girl didn’t even have a requited love storyline but stole that whole show. PJE is good but the real master of scene-stealing second leads is Kim Eun Sook (she consistently writes and casts second leads who are more interesting than the main leads, especially if she’s paired them up in a romantic storyline)

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