Yang Zi and Fan Cheng Cheng Start Filming for Super Popular Novel C-drama adaptation of Stories of Our Youth Also Called 199 Love

This pairing is so out of left field in both the level and also suitability with the characters. A new C-drama started filming this week called Stories of Our Youth (Chinese title 199 Love) adapted from the same name novel. It spans three decades telling the story of six kids who grew in the same neighborhood but went their own ways in college reuniting in their thirties when one of them sends a wedding invitation. The female lead is Yang Zi who I can see suiting the role but the male lead is Fan Cheng Cheng (best known as being Fan Bing Bing’s little brother) who is just 22 years old and also totally not at Yang Zi’s level. Not sure what the thought process behind this is but it’ll certainly make for good curiosity watching fodder.

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