Top and Popular C-stars All Descend on 2022 Weibo Night with Plenty of Extravagant Fashion Looks to Admire

This weekend was the 2022 Weibo Night in China, weird that it takes place in 2023 but the 2022 means it covers dramas and movies from last year. The popular vote for Weibo King and Queen was trending young but the award is also decided with decision input from the hosting body so in the end it was a blast down memory lane as Hu Ge and Crystal Liu took home the prize in a reunion from Chinese Paladin. There were sooooooo many amazing gowns and even menswear on display with lots of actresses doing two looks for the night so check it out below. My favorite guy look was Dylan Wang taking suiting to a new level of ornate, and for the ladies it was Yang Mi in sleek column red, Crystal in feathers, and Li Yi Tong in a purple ombre strapless cascading vision. Others loved Angelababy in her black swan gown but me not so much, and Bai Lu needs to lay off the cute look and stick with more sophisticated. I’m always shocked at how high fashion Guan Xiaotong looks, would it kill Wang Yibo to smile, and don’t know why my adorable Wu Lei did his photoshoot in a pile of hay lol.

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Classic Scenes From Lost You Forever Become New Valentine’s Day Posters for C-drama Starring Yang Zi, Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei, and Tan Jian Ci

A bunch of finished filming in early 2022 C-dramas rounded the corner into 2023 and still haven’t aired yet so I’m not too hopeful to see the C-drama adaptation of Lost You Forever airing anytime soon since it finished filming … Continue reading

Yang Zi and Fan Cheng Cheng Start Filming for Super Popular Novel C-drama adaptation of Stories of Our Youth Also Called 199 Love

This pairing is so out of left field in both the level and also suitability with the characters. A new C-drama started filming this week called Stories of Our Youth (Chinese title 199 Love) adapted from the same name novel. … Continue reading

C-drama Lost You Forever Releases New Stills to Celebrate 1 Million Reservations on Tencent Streaming

Well the interest is definitely there for the upcoming C-drama adaptation of Tong Hua xianxia romance novel Lost You Forever. Unlike the C-drama version of the prequel Once Promised which was soooooo bad and thankfully no one watched it, this … Continue reading

First Preview for C-drama Adaptation of Lost You Forever Brings to Life Memorable Scenes From the Novel with Yang Zi and All Three Male Leads Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei, and Tan Jian Ci

Alrighty, I didn’t write Lost You Forever the novel, that would be Tong Hua with her amazingly lyrical words and vivid characters. But in translating the entire three volume behemoth I have become intimately close to each scene and moment … Continue reading

C-drama Lost You Forever with Yang Zi and Zhang Wan Yi Wrap Filming and Releases First Official Set of Main Cast Stills

I feel like my return to C-drama land this past summer of 2022 may have been guiding me to get legit excited for the C-drama adaptation of my favorite xianxia period C-novel Lost You Forever by Tong Hua. I haven’t … Continue reading

Xiao Zhan’s Character in The Oath of Love Tops the 2022 To Date Vlinkage Poll for Online Search Followed by Wu Lei in Love Like the Galaxy and Yang Zi for Immortal Samsara

Liuliang is a BIG DEAL in C-ent, and liuliang stands for 流量 which is flow volume and in Chinese slang it now means online volume in either search, posts, or data. The top young C-ent stars are frequently referred to … Continue reading

Immortal Samara with Yang Zi and Cheng Yi Abruptly Premieres and Early Netizen Reviews Complain About Cheesy FX, Too Many Side Characters, and Female Lead Visuals

Well, this is either an attempt to slide a less than well-made C-drama under the radar or Youku ran out of marketing dollars midway through the year. This Wednesday the high profile xianxia C-drama Immortal Samara with Yang Zi and … Continue reading