Script Reading with Lee Joon Hyuk and Nam Ji Hyun for MBC Drama 365: A Year of Defying Fate

I’m super excited for this new drama and it’s definitely less than 365 days away. Script reading and filming has kicked off for MBC time-travel thriller 365: A Year of Defying Fate. Starring Lee Joon Hyuk and Nam Ji Hyun, the two are among a group of 10 individuals given the chance to go back exactly one year prior in time to change their fates. It’s not as simple as that, of course, and the price to be paid is the 10 get involved in mysterious cases. I love the two leads and add to it a strong supporting cast of Yang Dong Gun, Kim Ji Soo, Lee Shi Ah, and Yoo Joo Sang, the fun concept makes for a different drama to look forward to. The production will be from the PD of Ruler: Master of the Mask and Lucky Romance adapted from a novel of the same name with two rookie screenwriters attached. Continue reading