Nam Ji Hyun Confirmed to Join Lee Joon Hyuk in Time-travel Drama 365: A Year of Defying Fate

Yay, what a great casting call and so looking forward to this drama now for 2020. Nam Ji Hyun is confirmed opposite Lee Joon Hyuk for the time-travel K-drama 365: A Year of Defying Fate, based on the Japanese novel Repeat. The story involves 10 people who get a chance to travel back in time to 1 year earlier and in the 365 days re-do things again. It’s billed as a thriller so probably no lead romance but I’m fine with that, romance fans can always get Lee Joon Hyuk being swoony in One Poem a Day and I’m looking forward to Nam Ji Hyun doing a more serious drama. The drama will be from the PD of Lucky Romance and the screenwriter of Swallow the Sun and Air City.


Nam Ji Hyun Confirmed to Join Lee Joon Hyuk in Time-travel Drama 365: A Year of Defying Fate — 18 Comments

  1. I have a soft spot for this actress in Shopping King Louis and Suspicious Partner. There is a certain charm and cuteness mixed with maturity in Nam Ji Hyun that makes her attractive even though she is not drop dead gorgeous or wildly talented. Some people may find her dull and make fun of her voice but certain roles just suit her like Go Bok Shil. The way she often called out “Louis-ah” just cracks me up each time. I rarely re-watch K-dramas but I find myself watching Shopping King Louis again and again. Then again it maybe Seo Guk In and Ji Chang Wook that drew out the best in her with their comedic timing. Heh.

  2. I watched the Japanese version of this show, and it was fairly dark. It will be interesting to see if the Korean version changes this and goes with the original ending.

  3. I like her a lot and have been consistently impressed by the work she’s put out in all her projects. I’d like to see how she interpretes her role in this.

    • i love nam ji hyun in 100 days my prince, SKL, and suspicious partner. i love this young woman.she looks kind, simple and sweet.

      we hope this project, this drama is a good one.

      we wish you all the best Nam ji hyun #fighting Hyunii

    • a new genre for Nam ji hyun. i hope you get to showcase your acting skills in this drama. success for 365 a year of defying fate. Praying for modest to high vieweship ratings even though this will be shown on MBC. Prayers can move mountains…Praying for you NJH And the whole team of 365…

    • Nam Ji Hyun, we love you. We are anticipating your comeback. last time.i saw you acting was last year 2019, when you appeared with DO in a cameo role.

      Hope this is a good project. Hope everyone will love this series.

      Fighting Hyunii!

      • She finally graduated from uni with a psychology degree after 6 years. Congrats for doing so well in studies and acting. Must be hard juggling both! Well done!

  4. we missed you Nam Ji hyun. all your fans are praying for the success of this series. We are happy that you are back. God bless you, our dearest NJH

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