K-ent Discussing KBS’s Prolonged Ratings Woes for the Past Two Years


This is certainly a depressing way to get some press, and even the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity doesn’t seem to apply here as I can’t see an upside. K-ent media is addressing the long running ratings woes that have plagued KBS, above and beyond the general ratings depressed landscape among all the broadcasters. Compared to MBC and SBS, both of which have had real drama hits however rare in the last few years, KBS has been by and large unable to have any drama that wins in traditional ratings and buzz. The network’s Mon-Tues offerings in the last two years have been slayed in a blood bath one after another, and the Wed-Thurs dramas haven’t done much better other than Unkind Women winning that time slot but not by much and also generated no buzz whatsoever, and last year Joseon Gunman did relatively well but also wasn’t as sticky with the viewers. Continue reading

Yongpal’s First Episode Gets Best Premiere Ratings of All 2015 Prime Time K-dramas Thus Far

Whether it’s the Joo Won effect, the residual goodwill from the ratings leader predecessor drama Mask, or the story is interesting the viewers to check it out, new SBS drama Yongpal (Yongpalyi) just premiered with is the best first episode ratings of any … Continue reading