Yongpal’s First Episode Gets Best Premiere Ratings of All 2015 Prime Time K-dramas Thus Far

Whether it’s the Joo Won effect, the residual goodwill from the ratings leader predecessor drama Mask, or the story is interesting the viewers to check it out, new SBS drama Yongpal (Yongpalyi) just premiered with is the best first episode ratings of any prime time drama in 2015. Yongpal’s first episode earned a 11.6% AGB ratings nationwide, a good percentage point higher than the only other prime time drama in 2015 to premiere in double digits which was Splendid Politics (Hwajung) with a first episode ratings of 10.5% AGB.

Mask actually got off to an okay start, with the first episode getting 7.5% AGB ratings, which makes Yongpal’s opening salvo genuinely a feat in this day and age of depressed ratings across the whole industry. I’m all about a drama shaking up the ratings slump, and Producer from KBS will be the target for Yongpal to try and surpass. Producer aired on Fridays but got 10.1% ratings AGB for its first episode, and the rest of the run got ratings in the low-to-mid teens until the final episode ended with a flourish at 17.7%. Congrats to the cast and crew of Yongpal and hopefully the ratings will keep on rising from the promising start.

With Yongpal leading the ratings on Wed-Thurs, Scholar Who Walks the Night remains in second place with ratings hovering between 7-9% so far during the first half of its run. Political drama Assembly on KBS is suffering the same low ratings as its same network sister drama I Remember You on Mon-Tues, low single digits between 4-5%. I’m a tad surprised that Yongpal turned out to be the drama that is getting people talking again, both in terms of the positive first episode reaction from K-netizens and the promising ratings in episode 1. I quite enjoyed the first episode and am excited to dive into the second episode and see more of the interesting world of that drama.


Yongpal’s First Episode Gets Best Premiere Ratings of All 2015 Prime Time K-dramas Thus Far — 31 Comments

  1. this was what happened with Mask.first few ep was entertaining,until it went downhill.i’ll have to wait few eps before watching.

  2. I enjoyed episode 1 a lot. It’s something new. Joo won is so hot and good looking as well. Especially, I like his action scenes here,that reminds me just like city hunter and healer.
    Now, I am sure this one will be hit.

  3. I really liked the first episode. It sort of lived up to all the random themes the teasers presented (melo, action, medical stuff and everything in between). I can’t tell at this point if they’ll manage to make it cohesive all the way through, but at least with this first episode I can say the teasers weren’t a smoke screen for a completely different thing (which is what I thought would happen). The episode wasn’t perfect but it was fun and I’m hoping it’ll remain entertataining a while longer.

    As for the ratings, I was hoping it’d do well, but it was more wishful thinking rather than certainty, so I’m surprised it actually did reasonably well. Mostly because this didn’t feel like it was a highly anticipated drama? At least that’s the impression I got. Well, I hope it holds up, though ratings can be whimsical at times, so idk.

  4. It’s really good ,I’m getting a DS and healer feel to it , (the lady from healer is in there lol )I hope the writing remains good ,and I kinda also getting the future vibe ,if they made KTH into a cyborg it would of been awesome af ,and set it in like the year 3000 xD

  5. nice first episode , can’t say it drop me off my feet but i’m glad joo won comes back with intense role and that it got high rating, good luck to the cast and drama! i watch scolar too and do like it but as many feel there is something missing in the drama but i think the cast is solid.

  6. How is KTH’s acting? I’m glad to hear it’s good and also hope it stays that way, I’ll be checking it out. The ratings trends are depressing though….

  7. nice first episode but the truth is even if it start with good ratings there is no garantee that it will comtinue in that format since most shows now have avearage good ratings when the drama is fully complete.we are still in ratings slump for the prime time dramas,so i guess the new good ratings are from 9 upwards and it look like we will be there for a while.for a drama to go into 15-20 ratings througth half of it run,now that will be a rating hit, so far we have not get that ratings yet has koala said we are yet to see a drama that will relive us from the drepressing ratings.the fact is it gonna be hard to come bye still then.

    • Well the second episode hit the 14 mark already. There is no guarantee it will keep this rating after it, but I really hope we can see a drama that hit the 15 mark finally.

  8. Ok, I really like it so far and I’m glad the ratings are high.


    Why are they so low for I Remember You?? That show is so great, it deserves better.

      • Yong Pal is so amazing. I also like the I Remember You and I wonder why the rating is so low when it is well written and well executed by all the actors. SIG, PBG, JN and the rest….

  9. I found her beyond terrible in OM. She had like the same exact expression in 90% of the scenes. I get that she’s gorgeous but she hardly has the charm that makes an idol like Suzy so likeable.

    But whatever. The bigger issue is this insane plot. LOL, that’s such a whacko premise that I’d pay to watch how ridiculous it will be.

    • Was supposed to reply to someone and accidentally copy pasted their comment instead. No comment plagiarism happening here lol.

      Anyways, thought the first ep was great other than the exaggerated slo-mo. Hope that’s toned down a bit. Joo Won and melodramas are always a great combo for ratings. I think this will do as well as SOGC and Unkind Women did. Maybe even better!

      • It wasn’t my comment actually but the OP was referring to the female lead, yes. I was going to defend Seolhyun who I find much better in comparison to Suzy but yea. Everyone has different tastes (:

  10. i watched those dramas you mentioned above. 1st episode was great. joowon was sooo sexy in his ‘healer’ outfit. he’s such a healer, means healer. 😀
    i hope this drama will do well until the end..

    what? i remember you and assembly only got 4-5%?? i do enjoy IRY. for assembly.. it’s pretty good. but perhaps, viewers want another storyline.

  11. I’m going to wait a few eps before starting Yongpal. I like Joo Won but his acting doesn’t knock my socks off to the point I have to follow his drama every week. I Remember You is easily in the top three dramas I have watched this year so far. The low ratings surely doesn’t reflect it’s quality. For me, it’s only second to Healer or even on par with the former.

  12. Joo Won is excellent. He’s really not a looker in my books but his intense acting is really mesmerizing. Yongpal is really off to such a great start, everyone was saying how the story should be, what his character is like but now after ep 2, I just realize the story is very unpredictable and at this moment, theres no definites. How exciting!!!

  13. Well, Yong Pal is indeed so good.
    i watch it in curiousity, and i end up like it. the story isn’t typical romance drama and i’m sure i’ll love it later. so far joo won always pick a good project (except cantabille tomorrow), include this one.

    however, i like scholar who walks the night too, so i hope both do well in term of ratings.

  14. i think the ratings is mainly brought about by the Joo Won effect, next the quite interesting story line, the cast are all good too. hoping too for higher ratings in the future!

  15. this drama is awesome…JOO WOON absolutely the best actor(reason to watch even i don’t like kim tae hee)…hopefully there will be no changes to the storyline. SBS always have a good starter in drama but in the middle, they tend to change the theme to makjang or romantic drama..

  16. This will be a good drama, because the two leads have chemistry with one another. Joo won, in my opinion, has a difficult time with chemistry with his female leads. He is as cute as a button an a fine actor.

    I didn’t finish watching mask …she just looked to much like YEH and I felt like it was done this way on purpose, for ratings. What is it with these people.

  17. to me, this drama is solid from all aspects, the storyline and the casts. for the first 2 episodes, Joo Won had successfully caught the attention of viewers. i cant wait for next episodes, and how the story to develop other characters as well.

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