Ishihara Satomi and Ayano Go Couple Up for Spring 2021 Classic Renzoku Dorama Love is Deep

Man, is K-ent keeps on pissing me off I’m going to have to pare down my drama intake and hopefully pray both TW-dramas and J-doramas produce enough interesting productions to keep my interest. Luckily Spring 2021 has a classic renzoku on calendar, remember those peeps?!! Love is Deep (Koi wa Deep ni) stars Ishihara Satomi and Ayano Go, both prolific and charismatic Japanese stars in their first time working together and the plot is straight out of the opposites attract trope. I actually am so happy to see it because no one can possibly be offended lol. Satomi plays a passionate oceanographer and marine preservationist who butts heads and then falls in love with Ayano Go’s heirs to a beach resort who wants to expand the property. It’s like a endangered species protector falling in love with a big game hunter, but with less stakes I hope. HK-ent did this already with The Mermaid with an actual mermaid stopping a marine development project by winning the heart of the formerly heartless developer so win-win, love wins and the ocean wins. The dorama premieres in mid-April on NTV.

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