Popular Forensic J-dorama Unnatural with Ishihara Satomi to Get K-drama Adaptation in 2023

So this is one of my all time fave medical/forensic/procedural J-doramas and to see it getting a K-drama remake elicits conflicting feelings. On one hand more people will get to know this fantastic story but on the other hand nearly all K-drama remakes of J-doramas fail miserably. Unnatural looked like a run-of-the-mill procedural but really shone as special with the cast chemistry and very interesting episodic stories. It’s like CSI Japan but done in a fresh way. It helped that Ishihara Satomi is such a winning female lead and got a well-crafted character, and both male leads had chemistry with her with their differing styles. Keeping my optimism up for this one and if it doesn’t work I’ll always have the original.

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Ayase Haruka and Aragaki Yui Lead the J-news Poll for Top Actresses of 2022

The top J-actresses appear to have a stranglehold in the audience love for the past decade and probably even earlier almost 15 years. A top J-news publication held a poll of viewers to pick their top J-actress of 2022. To … Continue reading

Demon Slayer Anime Movie Becomes Japan’s #1 All Time Box Office Hit as Talk Goes to Live Action Adaptation with Casting News Spoilers

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Top J-actresses Ishihara Satomi, Ueno Juri and Ayase Haruka All Have Big Summer 2018 Doramas Coming

I’m triply stoked for the summer 2018 J-dorama season, and in general have enjoyed the last three dorama seasons with always one show I get hooked on to watch. Summer ’18 has three high profile top actresses with anticipated series … Continue reading