Park Shi Hoo Confirms TV Chosun Mystery Thriller Drama Babel

The return of Park Shi Hoo back to the small screen has not gone from who would cast him to a certain nonchalance that he’s getting another project. Basically K-ent made it frequent enough that now it feels normal that he’s getting yet another role, this next one on cable network TV Chosun in the legal thriller romance called Babel. The network had it’s best rated drama ever this year with sageuk The Grand Prince and Babel is the first drama of 2019. Park Shi Hoo plays a prosecutor handling a murder investigation of a chaebol heir where the chief suspect if the actress wife and the two end up falling in love. Wow, way to cross major lines. The drama has also cast Jang Hee Jin and Kim Ji Hoon as the other leads so that’s another reason to watch I guess. Babel is directed by the PD of Hwarang and You Are the Best, with an air date in early 2019. Continue reading