Park Shi Hoo Confirms TV Chosun Mystery Thriller Drama Babel

The return of Park Shi Hoo back to the small screen has not gone from who would cast him to a certain nonchalance that he’s getting another project. Basically K-ent made it frequent enough that now it feels normal that he’s getting yet another role, this next one on cable network TV Chosun in the legal thriller romance called Babel. The network had it’s best rated drama ever this year with sageuk The Grand Prince and Babel is the first drama of 2019. Park Shi Hoo plays a prosecutor handling a murder investigation of a chaebol heir where the chief suspect if the actress wife and the two end up falling in love. Wow, way to cross major lines. The drama has also cast Jang Hee Jin and Kim Ji Hoon as the other leads so that’s another reason to watch I guess. Babel is directed by the PD of Hwarang and You Are the Best, with an air date in early 2019.


Park Shi Hoo Confirms TV Chosun Mystery Thriller Drama Babel — 16 Comments

  1. Oh my God, he really got away with it.

    I wonder if there are other psycho entertainer out there and if there are now they will have a good strategy on hurting people (especially women) and if caught how to get away with it with a few years of rest.

    • Yeah! I don’t want to say this but I think the other actors who are accused would also make comeback after sometime of rest!!

  2. Dude’s industry connections are really strong. Lovely, Horribly flopped the most in a year of public broadcast flops, and yet he’s still getting casted.

    • Especially when that drama is still recent. He got a role right after. Unbelievable! I didn’t like his acting in Lovely, Horribly. Felt stiffed and overacted.

  3. i think at this point there is no stopping him he’s going to get roles no matter what. also i am calling it the actress wife killed her husband and seduces the prosecuter to get away with it

  4. I used to watch him. However scandal aside, he is 40yrs old now and looks it. Yet he is still taking on roles as if he is younger.

    His acting has stayed the same. And honestly there are better actors around. With better roles than him. So it’s not as if I will watch this drama.

  5. Lee Byyn Hun really boosted the confidence of these problematic celebs huh?I admire his determination though.He should also thank Shin Hye Sun everyday because if “Golden Life” was not a success.I dont think he would be so brazen.His movie with Yoon Eun Hye got shelved.His drama lovely horribly flopped.They are still giving him lead roles tsk tsk.We are only left with Park Yoo Chun to make a comeback??.

    • ummm… I don’t think PYC has strong sponsors like LBH and PSH. I hope we won’t see PYC comeback at all, it will only be a big flop like KHJ.

  6. Keep these weirdos in Korea, and give them awards. As long as they don’t venture outside of K-dramas, we can choose not to watch them 🙂 There is no more Hallyu wave in K-dramas anyways, this is the downfall of K-dramas…

  7. I follow Jang Hee Jin so am happy she has a lead role once again. Followed Lovely Horribly for Song Ji Hyo and Choi Yeo Jin for them too. So ‘Babel’ is on the cards to watch but only for JHJ who I might add is in KBS ‘ A long farewell’ with underrated Lim Ju Hwan and I’m so happy he is going to grace our screens soon. It’s pretty hard following actors and works when you look at the rest of the cast and proposed storyline and have to make a conscious decision on whether to watch or not. Example is ‘Item’ absolutely adore Ju Ji Hoon and Kim Kwang Woo but OMG his leading lady Jin Se Yun arrrgghh

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