The Supporting Cast Shines in New Stills from Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Regardless of how the Korean version of Nodame Cantabile ends up, at least the early stills from the drama have been promising enough. I don’t have a problem with Joo Won or Shim Eun Kyung‘s sartorial styling or accuracy in mimicking a musical expert since I’m not particularly a stickler for those things. I do like that they seem to have visible chemistry with each other and the drama is trying to build in the original manga tone. A bunch of new supporting character stills have dropped for Tomorrow’s Cantabile and all of them are excellent. Veteran Baek Yoon Shik is captivating as Franz von Stressman with his smile and demeanor while Go Kyung Pyo is doing his darndest to be wild child violin prodigy Yoo Il Rak, the character brought to life memorably by Eita in the J-version. His hair is less gravity defying but he has the presence in the pictures. Check out all the new stills below and get ready for TC to arrive in T-minus 10 days. Continue reading

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Drops More Cute Posters and Manga-vibe New Teaser

It’s Monday so right on cue KBS released more Tomorrow’s Cantabile goodies. There are now a total of three official drama posters that all share the same beige color scheme along with plenty of instruments to highlight the music theme. … Continue reading