Tomorrow’s Cantabile Drops More Cute Posters and Manga-vibe New Teaser

It’s Monday so right on cue KBS released more Tomorrow’s Cantabile goodies. There are now a total of three official drama posters that all share the same beige color scheme along with plenty of instruments to highlight the music theme. The first drama poster was a very romantic skewing one where Joo Won stares at his smiling leading lady played by Shim Eun Kyung. Maybe at some point in the story that expression will feel well-earned but it’ll take a long time before the kooky 4D pianist worms her way into the tightly wound music genius’ heart. The other two posters are a bit more fun with another OTP set but this time the two leads are making awkward faced while the third poster showcases the full cast including Go Kyung Pyo, Baek Yoon Shik, Dohee, Jang Se Hyun, Jung Sung Ah, Kim Yu Mi, and Park Bo Gum among others.

The third poster is a bit too busy and renders every character teeny tiny almost like a musical Where’s Waldo parade to try and spot an instrument to locate a character. I guess it can’t be helped when there are so many characters in this particular story. I do wish Joo Won was not wearing a black and white vertical striped tux jacket with tails in the group poster which makes him look like a carnival barker. The TC posters also remind me a bit of the posters from It’s Okay, It’s Love with the same color scheme and happy vibe. I’m just relieved there are no dull posters with morose characters photoshopped into a grey backdrop. The production also released the second video teaser and it’s way better than the first concept one. This one has actual over-the-top wacky scenes straight out of the Nodame Cantabile manga story, with both Joo Won and Shim Eum Kyung going for full physical humor along with very animated expressiveness. It might not work for everyone but for a manga enthusiast like me this stuff is an enjoyable walk in the park.

Second teaser for Tomorrow’s Cantabile:


Tomorrow’s Cantabile Drops More Cute Posters and Manga-vibe New Teaser — 25 Comments

  1. Does anyone know where I might be able to watch this? Perhaps I used to go to viki, but now no drama seems to be available in my region :(.

    • Me neither.

      SEK looks promising enough (except… heels?!?!?!?!?!?!? come on!!!), but JW doesn’t work for me at all in the posters, teasers or pics.

      Teaser had a bit of a Marriage not Dating vibe? Which, I’m afraid, I totally hated. Actually, I watched it without sound first, and it sort of worked, and then with sound, which made me dislike it? No idea why.

      The long poster is good fun and a great idea, though some of the styling, as I’ve already said, is atrocious. Heels on Nodame (in fact, the heels on all others are ridiculous too). That striped jacket on Joo Won (he’s NOT a fashion horse!). Why do they all need to be so over-styled?

  2. Was that supposed to be Joo Won conducting or is he going to admire/voiceover while watching someone? Because that was a bad body double edit if it was supposed to be Joo Won. I’m apprehensive about the music component, but it looks fun?

  3. I admit I have a huge bias as I adored the craziness of the jdrama, but this teaser is a lot better than the other one. It’s a lot more fun, which is what the show needs to aim for. The second and third posters are a lot better as well. Glad they decided to use music familiar to jdrama fans in the trailer, Rhapsody in Blue and I can’t remember the other piece. I’m feeling more of the Nodame-vibe now.

    • From what I hear in this trailer they are using Sabre Dance by Aram Khachaturian (as a counterpart of Rhapsody In Blue in jdorama).

    • ?

      I’m not sure where you’re hearing the Rhapsody in Blue, but the first music in the teaser is the Dies Irae from Verdi’s Requiem….

      Interesting splice with the Sabre Dance.

  4. oh…. this 2nd teaser is much better. While I’m not expecting SEk to be Ueno version of Nodame at all and am willing to accept her brand of Nodame if she makes it as winning as Ueno’s version
    But for a few secs I thought she looked exactly like Ueno in the teaser where Joo Won was piggy backing her.

    I can’t understand the comments about Joo Won, give him a chance. Not sure how he’ll fare but he’s never bland in his dramas. I can see him as Chiaki and hopefully he makes the role his own.

    • Agree. I have started watching his dramas since Gaksital and he is not dull at all. Not say a fan but appreciate his work. Seems like he is getting a lot of criticism for taking this role, makes me interested to check out the comic to understand why!

  5. This looks good, it may even be better than the Japanese adaptation.

    Shim Eun Kyung is cute and funny as Nodame and Joo Won is awesome as Chiaki. Tamaki Hiroshi’s acting was often like reading a manga – one dimensional. Ueno Juri was very good at funny, less so in emotional. I always thought the supporting actors and actresses did better. There is hope in this one.

  6. Uh oh. Whatever little I see of music making looks quite bad. The dorama actually made sense of classical music, even if in a cutesy join-the-dots-for-beginners kind of way. And I do recognize these are actors on screen, not classical musicians. But with a lot of care and hard work, expert advice and practice, it’s not impossible to achieve a creditable impersonation of instrument playing – see Secret Lover (where Yoo Ah In air piano playing arguably raised the bar impossibly high). Alas, this doesn’t look like the type of show that will bother to have much musical integrity. Fair enough; laughs, not musical education, are its priority. But as for me … *eyes that ten-foot barge pole*

  7. I loved the Japanese version but I think I’ll love this one as much as I love the Japanese version, both leads just work for me. Joo Won’s hairstyle is a problem but not too big, so I can just let it slide. I probably will watch this with a new perspective instead of comparing J-version and K-version.

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