Oh My God with Shin Mina and So Ji Sub May Get Pushed Up to October Due to Blooming in Tears Production Issues

KBS seems to be in a bind right now with the next drama to follow upcoming Mon-Tues drama Taming Mother-in-Law, which is about to take over in two weeks once I Remember You ends. This is a time slot for KBS that hasn’t seen a single ratings hit drama in over a year, starting from last year with Trot Lovers to Discovery of Love to Tomorrow’s Cantabile to Healer to Blood to Who Are You: School 2015 and now with I Remember You. Healer and School 2015 got cult-ish buzz online but it didn’t translate into domestic ratings, and while I thought DoL was excellent and way underrated, overall KBS drama has just been failing to connect on a broad scale.

That makes me wonder if KBS is going to do anything to try and rope viewers in by giving them what they want, and the current surprise hit that is Yongpal over on SBS Wed-Thurs (episode 1 got 11.6% ratings and episode 2 jumped to 14.1%) proves that ratings over 10% is still possible. A few weeks ago KBS was planning Home Alone (I Live Alone) with Moon Geun Young and Kang Ji Hwan but that quickly fell through. In came a 36-episode drama by screenwriter Moon Young Nam (who wrote hit weekend drama Wang’s Family) called Blooming in Tears. Now comes word that Blooming in Tears has fallen through as well and KBS may speed up production of Oh My God with So Ji Sub and Shin Mina to air in October. Yikes. Continue reading