Bridal Mask Wins the First Round of Wed-Thurs Dramas While I Do I Do is Quite Pleasing

In yet another round of “Which Drama Wins the Time Slot”, the three new horses took off at a mild trot if the ratings for the first episode are any indication. KBS wins the first round as its Bridal Mask with Joo Won garnered a 12.7% ratings on AGB, following by MBC’s I Do I Do with Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo getting 10.5%, and poor So Ji Sub has to bring up the rear as Ghost was pretty much a non-entity with only 7.6% in ratings for SBS.

Of course these ratings can change around rather quickly but the first impressions from the Korean audience have spoken. They are apparently in the mood for some period heroic action from Joo Won more than they want slick procedural crime solving from Ji Sub. And in between, I think Sun Ah’s I Do I Do will do just fine. Of the three, I only watched IDID (like I said I was going to), and to my happiness it wasn’t bad at all. Dare it say that it actually had plenty of potential and I like the directing and writing quite a lot. Continue reading