Bridal Mask Wins the First Round of Wed-Thurs Dramas While I Do I Do is Quite Pleasing

In yet another round of “Which Drama Wins the Time Slot”, the three new horses took off at a mild trot if the ratings for the first episode are any indication. KBS wins the first round as its Bridal Mask with Joo Won garnered a 12.7% ratings on AGB, following by MBC’s I Do I Do with Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo getting 10.5%, and poor So Ji Sub has to bring up the rear as Ghost was pretty much a non-entity with only 7.6% in ratings for SBS.

Of course these ratings can change around rather quickly but the first impressions from the Korean audience have spoken. They are apparently in the mood for some period heroic action from Joo Won more than they want slick procedural crime solving from Ji Sub. And in between, I think Sun Ah’s I Do I Do will do just fine. Of the three, I only watched IDID (like I said I was going to), and to my happiness it wasn’t bad at all. Dare it say that it actually had plenty of potential and I like the directing and writing quite a lot.

So apparently word around the web is that Bridal Mask is easily the best of the three new dramas in terms of quality. Sadly I am completely immune, and rather turned off by, Joo Won. I find him unattractive and his type of shouty acting style is totally not my thing. Plus my last Korean period drama was Capital Scandal, and despite it starring my beloved Kang Ji Hwan, I really didn’t like it much (good concept, uneven execution, an OTP I really couldn’t connect with). But if you lurve Joo Won, BM looks like the real deal, so off you go to happy land! As for Ghost, apparently it should just call itself Sign 2, but since it can’t even get half the ratings Sign’s first episode got, perhaps the Korean audience is over the taste of slick procedurals?

Which brings me to the only drama I did watch, the drama that has the acronym of IDID (as in I did), and despite all the lackluster posters (and this drama has A LOT of posters, as evidenced above) and previews turning me off, episode one turned me back onto this sucker again. It wasn’t perfect, what with Lee Jang Woo overacting and directing that needs a bit of fine tuning, but overall the set up and the execution is solid and enjoyable. It wasn’t shrill or screechy at all, and Kim Sun Ah is once again doing her thing the way I like it – outwardly confident mature woman with hidden insecurities. The OTP has great chemistry right off the bat, but it’s not overwhelming or feels contrived. I find the slow pace of developing the story really refreshing and I enjoy getting to know all the characters so far. I’m pleased IDID ended up not being a I Don’t I Don’t, leaving me with a pleasant Wed-Thurs diversion.


Bridal Mask Wins the First Round of Wed-Thurs Dramas While I Do I Do is Quite Pleasing — 38 Comments

  1. i tried out all the drama today had to offer, but the only one that i actually watch with subs on viki was bridal mask. i do i do, i had fast forward it to pieces to it reducing to just blurs of variations of pink. same goes for ghost except it was with blurs of variations of gray and blue. this doesn’t mean that I’m not interested, just not intrigue me enough to watch it with subs yet. bridal mask action had a bit too much slow motion and offbeat for my taste, also joo won’s hair kind of turn me off. however, i still luuuuve him. he was my not so secret guilty pleasure in baking king kim tak gu, whom i rooted for all the way. drama status right now is agd is the fluffy and bridal mask is the heart stopping for me right now.

  2. WOW i just came here to see if you watched bridal mask! im curious if is ok to wacht it or not! but i saw a little and i dont know what to think!
    but well i will wait for more comments about bridal mask until my resolution!

  3. Hi!

    Thanks for the week’s recap. I never really knew what was off with Joo won until you pointed it out that it was his slight overreacting. I watched IDID, and Ghost, and a bit of Bridal Mask and I have to say that the ratings were as I expected.
    LYH in Ghost was at best serviceable, even though she is pretty. And the premise is slick, but as always, lacks the skill to support it. IDID, I’m not into it yet, but I’m willing to give it a chance, and as for Bridal Mask, it’s the best executed of the three, but is thus far lacking a bit of soul.
    By the by, I wondered why you never mentioned about I love lee tae ri. The drama isn’t half bad. It’s nothing serious, but with enough light mindless humour for the season.

  4. Thanks JB. 🙂
    I was originally planning to start with IDID, so I will stick to that. I am also not a fan of JW, but I imagine for those that are and those who will be, he seems promising and sageuks always do quite well (or periods I suppose). I will marathon this one once it finishes airing.

    I love procedurals, however, I’m not sure if I can get on board with JS. We’ll see… maybe another marathon once it’s over for me.

    Overall, none of the series previews excited me at all. I know that can change in a second.

  5. I’m glad IDOIDO didn’t live down to your expectation.

    I was a little disappointed that you had such a strong negative reaction to the publicity.

    I’m a big Kim Sun Ah fan. She and Gong Hyo Jin are the two K-actress I find interesting and distinctive. For the most part the rest tends to blend together. I usually watch dramas for the male leads and the story.

    I’m looking forward to reading your responses and the series progress.

    • I’m a big Sun Ah fan, but I don’t need to like everything she does just because she’s in it. The promos for I Do I Do sucked donkey balls, and I would have to be blind to have a positive reaction to it. The person who cut the trailers needs to be sacked. Such a travesty of making this interesting and mature drama into some sort of cartoon shriek fest. I’ll always check out what she does, but it has to actually be good for me to continue. I’m so happy IDID is wonderful so far.

  6. My prediction came true! I just knew Bridal Mask would come out on top. Joo Won <3 He was okay for a newbie in BK but man, OB just brought out the cute, jealous and angry side of him. I'm still marathoning OB but I finally understand what's with the craze over that drama. I really recommend it despite it's length. 😀

    I'm glad Koala-unni liked IDID. Now I feel like I should try it. Lee Jang Woo is relatively a new face. He'll probably improve his acting in the next episodes. After all, he's working with the great Kim Sun Ah. :))

    I hope the subs come out already so I can watch.

  7. I love, love, love Kim Sun Ah and have watched all her dramas. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Lee Jang Woo, his character flaws and his boy/
    man/sensitive male role.. I think he looks real fine (not some anorexic leading man)
    and has a banging body. KSA seems to have lost weight again for this role and
    let me tell you I went into shock when she visited her doctor ’cause I was almost
    certain it was going to be another cancer diagnosis, thus the reason for her
    being so thin. Good thing she’s just got 50 yr. old ovaries. Who would of thought
    that would be the premise? I laughed and must admit she looks damn good and
    the age difference is not as noticeable as I thought it would be. How about 2nd
    lead “Mr. Mommy”? My mommy this, my mommy says that…

  8. I think it’s time So Ji Sub does a rom-com, where he actually gets the girl at the end. I am tired of these dramas that he is in, although I am a big fan. It’s time to break out of the mold and does something completely different for once, and while at it, give him a matched leading lady too.

    • Yeah, i also vote for So Ji Sub in a rom-com, i don’t mind seeing Lee Yeon Hee and SJS in a rom-com, it will be fun. I find that i like him most in his old drama Glass slippers where he got quite a funny and cute character there. He was great in I’m sorry i love you too but after that drama, he kept on choosing serious dramas which i’m getting tired of seeing him as similar type of characters.

  9. i’m watching ghost purely for so ji sub, i can’t seem to help myself. although i must say that i was entertained by IDID.

  10. I really enjoyed IDID! I will most certainly continue to watch it 🙂 The main couple is so cute!

    As for the others, I haven’t watched either yet, but I’m leaning more towards Ghost

  11. Ok so Ve watched two out f the three and I like what show is bringing.
    I like slick cop shows so yes to Ghost.
    I love Kim Sun Ah so that’s a triple yes yes yes to I Do I Do

    And I will have to get with y’all about Bridal Mask ( idk about that name, even tho it was explained, I’m still like ” huh who’s gettin married?”)

    And mates, check out I Love Lee Tae Ri, it’s really cute and funny ^.^

    • Finally someone who mentions I love lee taeri!!!! It’s a shame the drama is flying under radar because an idol is starring in it. I’m enjoying it tremendously so far. Big old comedic fun.

  12. I watched BD and IDID… both are watchable dramas. I would say BD wins for me as well, I’m already curious about how the story will unfold. And although it’s a period drama, I liked the plot (not too history driven, so far it seems). I enjoyed it despite not being a big Joo Won fan (I cringe a little when he shouts, but I think he is doing all right). The action scenes are pretty cool as well. I’m only worried because I don’t know the female lead at all..

    IDID is a fun rom-com… I’ll follow it too. Ghost is a pass for me. But it’s good that I found two good dramas to fill my drama watching quota.

  13. I usually opt for the romance comedy dramas but this time round, i’m opting for BM instead of IDID because BM setup seems interesting and after watching ep1, i was relieved that it was still within my expectations. It was not a bad pilot episoe.

    I think the reason i’m not attracted to IDID is because of the cast, i’m not a big fan of both KSA and LJW and together when they’re paired up is just double negativity from me.

    Sorry to KSA fans and i know people will throw things at me for saying this but i always find KSA unattractive, i guess because first impression matters and that’s what i feel after watching her in My Name is Kim Sam Soon despite being such a wonderful drama. That first impression leaves a bad mark on my brain and even though i see her in pretty dresses in Scent of a woman, i still have the Kim Sam Soon image of her in my mind. She’s great at acting and she got quite a few great dramas under her belt and she got great personality but i just never grew fond of her, call me shallow or whatever.. I just think that she looks older than most of her cute male leads which is why she never work for me expect when she’s paired up with Cha Seung Won, they match the most imo..

    LJW is another unattractive actor that i dislike because of his characters in Smile, Donghae and Man of Honor. He got such an adorable personality in WGM but i just never find him attractive.. I can’t forget all those annoying glares he gave the protagonist in Smile, Donghae. He’s on the side of overacting that i can’t stand.
    IDID seems to have an adorable setup though so hopefully it will meet the expectations of people who anticipated it.

    I caught on the pilot episode of Ghost and while the premise is slick, the cast is pretty but the whole thing kinda bores me, i find myself anticipating the end of episode while in the middle of watching.. I guess it may improve as it goes along…

    • I know that you are not a Kim Sun Ah fan but she looks absolutely fantastic in IDID. You may be surprised … some people almost did not recognize her. I love actors for their acting ability but if you judge based on their looks, then I think you need to take a 2nd look at KSA in IDID.

  14. I didn’t like the first episode of Bridal Mask. I thought it was way loud, obnoxious, flashy and OTT. I enjoyed Joo Won in Ojakgyo Brothers, but I do not like him here. Actually, I can’t think of one thing I liked about the first episode.

    I’m not sure how I feel about I Do I Do yet. I wasn’t feeling the OTP in episode one. I’m digging the work aspect of the drama though. I like that KSA’s character is confident in her work and doesn’t let others walk all over her. I don’t know if I’m going to watch this weekly or put it on hold until finishes airing.This is a romantic comedy and the romance is the part I liked the least. :/

  15. That’s all right about Joo Won. More for me 🙂 (Also, was obsessed with Capital Scandal and Seoul 1945 so clearly 1930s dramas are my thing).

    I am curious to see more of your thoughts on IDID – I’ve had enough pleasant surprises this year where I thought a drama would be awful but ended up liking it, to be curious about this and whether I should check it out. Not a big KSA fan though and bailed on MoH before I got any impression of the male lead so…plus, I just want to yell at them to use protection 🙂

    • It was the only one that I watched last night and It was good, but to much special effects for the fighting scenes (to much slow motion). I’ll keep an eye on it, but I’m sure IDID will be by it side.

  16. Okay! For me, it will be “Bridal Mask”! It’s definetly my style! “I do I do” i don’t know….., i don’t like much lee jang woo acting. yep “overacting” as you say. But I should give it a try right? for the sake of Kim Sun Ah

  17. Haven’t watched the others yet, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed IDID. Kim Sun-ah was mesmerizing, and she acted the pants off of poor Lee Jang-woo (literally, I guess). I hope he settles into his role and finds his charisma, ’cause I’m not feeling his character yet. I LOOOVED the second lead, though. He and Sun-ah had crackling chemistry. I’ll be interested to see how the drama turns the tables on that pairing & makes us fall in love with her and LJW.

  18. this time i will pass the weds-thurs dramas after K2H. the 3 are not appealing to me or maybe i’m not over yet of k2h which i love most in k.drama

    IDID – i don’t like the female lead since scent of a woman coz she’s unattractive and old already. i kinda hate her face when she appeared on the screen.

    BM – i never excited after the 1st episode. i know that the brother of joo woon is the gaksital man..don’t like the drama which i can predict whats happening on entire episodes

    GHOST – i kinda bored of SJS’s face

    I only watch dr. jin on weekend and i’m patiently waiting for i need romance 2.

  19. ok..i confess….
    i only watch QUEEN IN HYUN’S MAN for wed-thurs drama…
    this 3..still not catch my eyes..
    i only read recap for the IDID and BM…yet still…not eager to watch

  20. Your statistic stinks! Who would care? What about someone who’s perhaps the only viewer for Goodbye dear wife?
    You pay too much attention for insignificant matters.
    Let producers and screenwriters do their job better and all of us will be happy to appreciate their work!

  21. Dear Koala,
    I just finished the second episode of Ghost, while the first episode wasn’t the best it brought something to table on second. The second ep was amazing and pretty much Daniel Choi stole the show. But with all the hope in my bones if SJS can give out Daniels character aura in this show will be worth watching. However the story is actually good if they keep throwing a twist in story line at every turn I’m going to be in paradise. Anyway just wanted to share my thoughts and hope you try ep 2. If you did how did you feel about it?

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