Supporting K-actor Choi Sung Won Most Memorable for Playing Hyeri’s Younger Brother in Answer Me 1998 Makes Second Recovery from Leukemia Treatment and Returns in Upcoming MBC Drama Showtime Begins

This is a happy positive update to share on a recognizable face in K-drama land supporting roles. K-actor Choi Sung Won, best known for playing Hyeri’s character Deok Sun’s younger brother (with an old face) in Answer Me 1988 has been dealing with a recurring serious health condition for many years. In 2016 he was diagnosed with leukemia and took a leave of absence to get treatment. He returned two years later with supporting roles in a few dramas but in 2020 had to take another medical leave as his leukemia came back. His agency announced this week that after the two year hiatus he is once again healthy and will be coming back in the upcoming MBC drama Showtime Begins with Park Hae Jin and Jin Ki Joo this March. Glad to hear he’s made another recovery and hoping he has beat this illness for good.

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