Li Yi Feng and Yang Mi Fall in Love Like a Star in Romantic New C-movie

I wasn’t terribly interested in the reunion project between uber-popular Chinese stars Yang Mi and Li Yi Feng, mostly because their first hit coupling in Ancient Sword Legend never roped me in to begin with. That being said, I quite liked the first previews for upcoming C-romance movie Fall in Love Like a Star, though Fall in Love with a Star seems a more appropriate title. The movie, which I initially thought was a drama, is about two college sweethearts who have to navigate romance in the entertainment industry when the guy becomes a top star and the girl ends up his manager.

It sounds super stilted but the previews really sold me on their sweet romance, with Li Yi Feng’s top star super into his college girlfriend even after he becomes famous, which immediately endears me to his character. Yang Mi is also working with the vulnerability, not to mention everything looks super pretty. Bonus points for having current C-ent It Girl Dilraba Dilmurat as the second female lead. This doesn’t need to be award-winning to be worth watching, and if it ends up being sincere and simply it ought to be one of the better early winter offerings. Continue reading