Li Yi Feng and Yang Mi Go From Ancient Swords to Modern Star Romance Drama

I feel like there are fewer K-dramas nowadays, or maybe it’s just fewer K-dramas that excite me enough to anticipate and later write about. The falling domestic ratings may indicate the K-viewers feel the same way, and it’s hard to fault that sentiment when dramas are packed with PPL to the point of being distracting and the story lines are lackluster. The C-drama industry remains chugging along full steam ahead, with too many in production and waiting to air dramas for me to keep track of.

One of the biggest ratings hits last year was the fantasy wuxia drama Ancient Sword Legend which rocketed male lead Li Yi Feng to the big leagues and cemented Yang Mi‘s status as a drama ratings queen. They are trading their period costumes for fancy modern garb, reuniting for upcoming C-drama Fall in Love Like a Star. He plays a top star, she’s his manager, but their romance goes back to college era best friends and navigates the trappings of fame and fandom. Filming is well underway and the first stills are out looking very sleek and sweet.


Li Yi Feng and Yang Mi Go From Ancient Swords to Modern Star Romance Drama — 13 Comments

  1. K-drama are saturated with non talented and mediocre actresses/actors and idols, it’s going to slump era already.

  2. For some reason this gives me bad You Light Up My Star vibes, what with the leads loving each other long before their big break but having major relationship problems years later when they’re famed and jaded. But honestly it takes some real talent to screw up to the extent YLUMS did, so broad storyline comparisons don’t mean a thing~ At least here only half of the OTP is famous. The stills are nice as well—cautiously optimistic for this!

  3. I really like the guy and I think it’s true that kdramas are not that exciting anymore. May be I should check the C-drama land…

  4. well korean drama are the same old things which we have seen and done that.they need to spice thing up.more skinship not necessary means lot of kissing scenes but little gestcah like hugging and small skinship that are sweet and nice to watch.i hope they start to see that and let the adult play like they are adult for crying out sake in this roomcom dramas they so fustrating i can stand it.

    • @mm – You need to really remember that Kdramas in the major networks are all suppose to be G-rated so that kids can also watch at night with their parents. Yes, kids watch the dramas too, not just the adults who are watching using the internet on their laptop.
      Perhaps, you should watch more Western drama where there are lots and lots of skinship, I for one don’t need the skinship. I like it that the Kdrama can be watched by little kids and adults all the same.

  5. I haven’t watched a Kdrama in well over a year and a half. I lost interest. I’ve been reading the recaps. There have been a few that I’ve stuck with, but not many.

    • His name is Zhang Yun Long.
      He was also in Ancient Sword Legend but it was only a minor role. He is a new actor and also in the same company as Yang Mi.

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