Lee Sin Young, Kim So Hye, and Shin Sung Ho Star in KBS 4-episode High School Drama Friend Contract

KBS is restarting its Mon-Tues drama line up after taking a break post The Tale of Nokdu. Starting in early April 2020 a short 4-episode mini drama will premiere called Friend Contract starring leads who can still believably pass as high school students. Lee Sin Young, Kim So Hye, Shin Sung Ho, and maybe Min Do Hee will play high school students in a sweet tale of friendship, school, and young romance. It’s not terrible complicated but sounds like a nice segway for the network back to prime time dramas for that time slot. I hope filming isn’t affected by the coronavirus outbreak that is rather severe in South Korea compared to other countries second to Mainland China, and if it is then this drama and many others may have airings pushed back. So far it’s still business as usual. Continue reading