Female Cast Member of SBS Drama Good Casting Accuses Actor in Same Drama of Sexual Assault and Seoul Police Investigating

Well this is bad juju stuff all around. Seoul police have announced that it is investigating the report of sexual assault of a female actress (small role) who starred in SBS drama Good Casting. She is accusing a male supporting actor in the same drama, the two met from working together, of attempted sexual assault right before Christmas on December 23rd. Media is reporting that the actor is Bae Jin Woong who has lots of big name dramas under his belt including Lawless Lawyer and Prison Playbook, and had parts in over a dozen movies and is currently shooting a new movie as well. The alleged victim is reportedly getting psychological counseling and the police hopes to finish its investigation soon.

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Big Three Networks SBS, MBC, and KBS to Cut Prime Time K-drama Production in Half in 2021 After Another Lackluster Ratings Year in 2020

Sigh, this is what happens when the product value drops and people find alternative options. If I could watch K-dramas on television to help with domestic ratings I would because I love the variety available and to know that low … Continue reading

New SBS Mon-Tues Drama Good Casting with Choi Kang Hee and Lee Sang Yeob Impresses with Premiere Ratings of 9.5% and 12.3%

Wowser, consider me surprised but also believing that this could have happened. New SBS Mon-Tues drama Good Casting, which takes over from Nobody Knows, rather impressed with a nobody could have expected surprising ratings. Episode 1 notched 9.5% and 12.3%, … Continue reading