Individual Character Posters for MBN K-drama Fluttering Warning Improve on Design

I’m so inured to criticism and commentary within the opinionated K-drama viewing audience, the younger me would feel the need to defend and support but now I just like whatever the heck I like and could care less what others like or dislike. It’s a chill place to be and I highly recommend it. With that said, I still have opinions of course and found the official drama posters for MBN rom-com Fluttering Warning with Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung to be utter graphic design crap. A day later the individual character posters drop with the leads and second leads Han Go Eun and Jo Woo Jae and all four are leaps and bounds better than the poorly photoshopped drama posters. Everyone looks normal at least, lol, and the colorful vibe with cute doodles confirm this is going to be a not too serious story for those looking for some classic rom-com contract relationship fun times. Continue reading