Park Bo Gum in Talks to Play the Monkey King Opposite Cha Seung Won in Hong Sisters New Drama Huayugi

I’m not particularly proprietary about things, whether culture, myths, or even trends, there’s always new ways to spin things and whether or not it works and adds entertainment value is how I assess the final product. With that said, the Chinese netizens have been upset and annoyed since hearing that the Hong Sisters were writing their next drama based on the famed Journey to the West (Xi You Ji) Chinese classic tale of the Monkey King, with veteran leading man Cha Seung Won signed on to play the role of the Bull Demon King (Niu Mo Wang) in the sister’s upcoming K-drama Huayugi. Now the sisters have upped the media interest significantly with the announcement that Park Bo Gum is in talks to play the other leading man character, a take on the Monkey King himself. Now this is some masterstroke casting, with plenty of buzz which the sisters could use and a great combo of Park Bo Gum with Cha Seung Won, making this immediately must-watch drama territory. Continue reading