School 2021 Premieres on KBS Wed-Thurs to Super Low 2.8% Ratings But Surprisingly Decent Audience First Impression

This may be a case of expectations being set sooooooooooo insanely low that simply existing to make it on air is a win. I’m kidding of course, even the more beleaguered drama is still watched on its merits, no one pity watches anything. School 2021 was originally School 2020 which tells you how long this newest chapter of the School franchise on KBS took to the small screen. It’s finally here and with mixed results. The ratings are super low premiering at 2.8%, it’s a high school drama and without any well known to drama viewer leads. That’s not unusual as School is all about finding the next top drama stars but the leads of 2013, Who are You, and 2017 all had other dramas under their belts and some even leading roles prior. Here it’s really relative newbies with Kim Yo Han, Cho Yi Hyun, Choo Yeong Woo, and Hwang Boreumbyeol. But the initial impression reviews from the domestic viewers have been unexpectedly positive – audiences find it comedic in a good way, the plot moves fast, the second male lead seems like a drama stealing character, the other leads are good enough, and it’s a harmless entertaining watch. So there you have it, if teacher-high school forbidden romance in Melancholia isn’t your thing, spend Wed-Thurs with high school-high school romance and love triangles of the classic variety.

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