KBS Kicks Off Promotions for Long Delayed School 2021 with Kim Yo Han and Choo Yi Hyun

There were four School seasons in the early Hallyu days that launched the career of many a now top K star before KBS paused the franchise for a decade until School 2013 came along. This upcoming School 2021 will be the fourth in the rebooted franchise and we will have to wait and see if this will also mark the end of this concept. That it was formerly School 2020 and has been delayed nearly 2 years on top of the casting carousel of female lead and supporting roles then it doesn’t scream sure fire hit. But it is going back to the original roots of casting newbies or relative newcomers because I don’t recognize a single name or face. The first posters and character stills are out and it feels perfunctory at best. With that said, a compelling story that a fresh take on school life and charming young leads will always find an audience open to giving it a shot, I mean we’re in the 8th School series yes?


KBS Kicks Off Promotions for Long Delayed School 2021 with Kim Yo Han and Choo Yi Hyun — 13 Comments

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  2. I think I’ve seen the female lead somewhere. Is she a former child actress? Though based on the photos it reminds me of School 2017 which didn’t interest me unlike School 2015.

    The script needs to be good for this to be a hit.

    • Is it any good? Share it with us. Ms. Koala only blog about dramas she’s watching. It’s only first episode, I doubt she has the time to watch this.

    • Same it was such a highly anticipated drama but nobody anywhere is talking about it. Not even the K-media or blogs. The international press is keeping an eye on it but I don’t see any noise elsehwere.

    • Apple Tv is hard to access, no hot/popular oppa, not a public pleasing genre. Unless it blows up internationally, people won’t talk about it. I suppose some are discouraged by the weekly release too. Thrillers should be watched all at once.

  3. Chu Young-woo already looks like he is going to outshine the idol kid (who was really awful in the A Love So Beautiful remake, even by idol standards). Idol kid should be thankful that Kim Young-dae quit the drama.

  4. i watched kimyohan in a love so beautiful and i dont wanna be mean but let me just say he was terrible – although in his defense (?) the drama as a whole was terrible as well. i dont have any hopes for this. i never want to agree with the snobbish “all idols suck” kdrama stans but there are so many that ruin shows with their non existent acting talent or even charm that i end up sounding like them.

    • I don’t know why the producers casted him. The last two School series had idols Yook Sung Jae and Kim Sejeong who did well in their roles (especially Sungjae who outshined the male lead), but this guy is downright bad.

  5. I bet the second lead is going to overshadow the lead. Great for him as he is a very new rookie actor so this is a fabulous opportunity for him

  6. With all the issues they had, I don’t feel very motivated to watch it. The 2 main leads are not the best. The ML was pretty bad in the remake of A Love So Beautiful and the FL wasn’t so good in HP or My Country.

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