Attack on Titan Live-action Cast Show Off Cool Apocalyptic Location Shoot in Battleship Island

The upcoming one-two punch of sequential live-action Attack on Titan movies is getting closer to meeting the audience, with the summer movie season in full swing and the cast ramping up promotions. Last week the four leads Miura Haruma, Mizuhara Kiko, Hongo Kanata, and Ishikara Satomi joined their movie director Higuchi Shinji on a press event at the location where the movie was filmed. It’s super cool and totally worth checking out.

While the whole apocalyptic future with giant humanoid Titans eating humans setting makes it seem impossible to film on a real set, requiring instead tons of CGI effects and green screens, the production managed to film most of the scenes at Battleship Island (Gunkanjima), a real abandoned islet near Nagasaki in Kyushu. The place looks like a battleship from the aerial view and was formerly a working residential island that has been now abandoned for thirty years. Perfect to stand in for humanity’s dire future, yes? Continue reading