MBC Drama Risky Romance Drops Colorfully Bad Character Posters

I hope the production of upcoming MBC Mon-Tues hospital-based drama Risky Romance spent all its money paying the cast salaries because it certainly didn’t spent any on production and graphic design. The drama stills were already rather flat but now the just released drama characters are just woefully bad. It’s like a kid in high school was given poorly photographed pictures of the leads in character and told to create a color-coded poster with the four suits on a deck of cards. Poor Ji Hyun Woo looks both constipated and confused while Lee Shi Young appears earnest and saddled with the blunt bangs curse. I seriously hope this drama is worth watching otherwise it feels like an exercise in futility to make something and then not put all the effort into it. Continue reading

Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Shi Young Generate Comedic Sparks in MBC Mon-Tues Drama Risky Romance

All I know about upcoming summer MBC Mon-Tues drama Risky Romance (Life-and-death Romance) is that it’s set in a hospital about the falling in love of a prickly surgeon and an emotional endocrinologist. That’s as broad strokes as legal dramas … Continue reading

Everyone’s Got a Classical Instrument in Hand for the Latest Tomorrow Cantabile Stills

It feels like yesterday that the K-version of Nodame Cantabile was announced and everyone threw an understandable collective “NO” fit. Now it’s mere weeks away from airing and maybe the magic sauce really was landing Shim Eun Kyung as the … Continue reading