MBC 2015 Drama Daesang Likely to Come Down to Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, and Jeon In Hwa

Every year the three major Korean networks hold its own year end drama awards, not exactly what could be deemed objective but is certainly their own prerogative to do so. The K-ent pundits enjoy speculating as to who will watch away with the Daesang (Big Prize) of the night, and the first wave is here as one news report is calling the MBC race as a three-way fight between veteran actress Jeon In Hwa and twice costars Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. Jeon In Hwa is the least buzzy of the three, playing the mom in weekend drama My Daughter Geum Sa Wol, and her presence here plays up the role of established respected veterans getting a nod when it comes to network awards time.

Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum are the expected contenders, him for Kill Me Heal Me, and her for both KMHM and the surprise hit She Was Pretty. If Hwang Jung Eum wins for She Was Pretty imma toss a table, but for KMHM she was incredibly solid. But compared to Ji Sung, I can’t in good faith say she ought to get it over him even for that drama, unless MBC is going by quantity over quality and giving her two dramas the weighted preference. We’ll know who wins come December 31st, but if Ji Sung doesn’t it’ll be one more in the long list of disappointing snubs of his transformative unforgettable performance in KMHM. Continue reading