MBC 2015 Drama Daesang Likely to Come Down to Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, and Jeon In Hwa

Every year the three major Korean networks hold its own year end drama awards, not exactly what could be deemed objective but is certainly their own prerogative to do so. The K-ent pundits enjoy speculating as to who will watch away with the Daesang (Big Prize) of the night, and the first wave is here as one news report is calling the MBC race as a three-way fight between veteran actress Jeon In Hwa and twice costars Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. Jeon In Hwa is the least buzzy of the three, playing the mom in weekend drama My Daughter Geum Sa Wol, and her presence here plays up the role of established respected veterans getting a nod when it comes to network awards time.

Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum are the expected contenders, him for Kill Me Heal Me, and her for both KMHM and the surprise hit She Was Pretty. If Hwang Jung Eum wins for She Was Pretty imma toss a table, but for KMHM she was incredibly solid. But compared to Ji Sung, I can’t in good faith say she ought to get it over him even for that drama, unless MBC is going by quantity over quality and giving her two dramas the weighted preference. We’ll know who wins come December 31st, but if Ji Sung doesn’t it’ll be one more in the long list of disappointing snubs of his transformative unforgettable performance in KMHM.


MBC 2015 Drama Daesang Likely to Come Down to Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, and Jeon In Hwa — 42 Comments

  1. I like hwang jung eum but Ji Sung totally deserves this for his heart-wrenching performance in Kill Me Heal Me. I was so disappointed when he didnt win that other award and Kim soo hyun won instead.

    • Same here. I like HJE and think she did a good job in both of her dramas this year, but Ji Sung’s performance in KMHM was really outstanding. He definitely deserves way more recognition than he has received.

  2. Imagine what will happen if Daesang goes to someone else, not for JS.. People will so so so hmmmm ??

    I guess MBC will split the Daesang…just like in 2010

  3. MBC better not ruin the ceremony and new year for me!! Daesang should be jisung’s this time. If he doesn’t get recognition for his hard work in KMHM i’ll personally go there and bitch slap the jury a la yoona style.

  4. Oh Lord help us. Not Ji Sung with Hwang Jung Eum AGAIN! Sigh.. No wonder Korean actors go to China. Korean Entertainment seems to be out of fresh ideas. Hwang Jung Eum is one of the worst Korean actresses, and pretty disgusting to look at too. How she ever makes it in entertainment industry is a testament to low standards. And please do not throw the beautiful and talented Jeaon In-Hwa into this hot pot

    • What do you think about lee min ho and his relation to ent and beauty standards? XD
      I know i might sound like i’m trolling but i’m genuinely curious, because of the phrasing you used in describing hje. Just don’t tell me you hold him in high regard 😛

    • I for one think she’s pretty. And she’s a very good actress, compared to Kim Tae Hee. I guess for me their acting is more important than their faces, eventho I enjoy pretty faces like Lee Min Ho, Seo In Guk, etc.

      • I just watched yongpal and kim tae hee was so brilliant in it. I stick till the end because of her. I don’t know why you have to drag her name here. Tbh HJE is overacting in SWP

      • KTH was really good in Yongpal. She suited antagonist character more than protagonist one. she was big from antagonist character… but HJE was actually good in KMHM, but in SWP emm.. kinda overacting but not bad. HJE was good in Secret Lover, secret something with Jisung.

        to compare this both actresses, emm… i personally think that HJE is a lil bit better than KTH. sorry, no offense… just my opinion tho.

      • I do agreed, HJE is good actress, she is great Secret Love and Endless Love. KMHM on the other hand was almost belong to Ji Sung.In SWP, she quite overacted but still enjoyable. However, I don’t know why KTH has been dragged here. She is not even mentioned by Koala and not in the competition of this award too.

        I can get your dislike/ hatred whatever it is towards her, but this article not even for KTH.

        Why? because you want ppl to stop talking about the bad things about HJE. Just justify HJW good acting, rather than dragging someone’s else name. If you are brave enough, why not dragging some other names? For eg PSH, SHK and so on. 🙂

    • How did Hwang Jung-eum make it in the Korean entertainment industry? By sheer talent and hard work, of course. I’m guaranteed at least of quality acting when I watch her.

      And no person on this earth is ever disgusting to look at. The only disgusting thing here are the words that spew out of your mouth.

    • Well she’s a good and talented actress. I enjoy both KMHM and SWP. Although i can’t say that she’s one of the prettiest korean actress, she’s an actress whose work i really love and enjoy.

      And btw
      chill out, ajumma

  5. I really hope they can split the Daesang between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum! If not, I do think Ji Sung really deserves it for KMHM.

    p.s. Can’t stand people who describe others using words like “disgusting to look at”…. No matter how “unflattering” the appearance…. I would never use describe someone’s looks as disgusting…. Jesus christ this world…

  6. This is so random call out and didn’t even expect to see LMH into this discussion out of the blue.. LMAO I find this quite hilarious and irony at the same time. pretty faces? LMH is by no means the most handsome in the k-ent. Can he act? is he the peoples actor? The answer is big Yes.. just travel from the east to west to know that and ask people of him then you will know how high his regarded as an actor?

  7. HJE is one of my favourite actresses and she was really awesome in her 2 dramas but no doubt the daesung should go to JS for killing it in KMHM. i do hope very much he’ll get it after he was left behind in other award ceremonies..JS FTW!

  8. I love how random actors and actresses get dragged into this discussion. Lol. Honestly, I feel like Ji Sung should win the daesang. He was brilliant in KMHM, which was honestly the only reason I held on till the end. I seriously couldn’t stand Hwang Jung Eum in KMHM and her acting in SWP wasn’t her best performance.

      • Name one then. The actress who willing to take a role on a drama which said a totally messed; KMHM was dumped by other actors and actresses. Then JS took in, and he asked HJE. The only name he wanted is HJE. There was quite ‘a drama’ in that drama.

  9. Hwang Jung Eum needs to stop overacting in everthing. It’s so cringeworthy to watch. I’ve tried to watch her in every drama she’s been in because I really want to like her, but I always end up staying away from her dramas.

    • You should watch her in SECRET. i think it was by far her best performance in all the dramas i watched her (CYHMH,EL,KMHM and SWP). it was a great melo and she didn’t overreacted. plus, JS was also there in a dashing role!

    • You should try her melodramas then. She was excellent in Secret. And those who discredit her performance in KMHL, I think we do have to agree that she did well in her dramatic and serious scenes, such as episode 7 on the rooftop with Yoseob and the scenes with her adoptive mum after the truth was unfolded. I think there are not many K-drama actresses out there who can still hold a strong presence on her own next to Ji Sung’s extraordinary performance of 7 characters and not be completely outshined by him. Kuddos to her.

      Her rom-com style is not suited to everybody’s tastes, but she did create a very unique “Hwang Jung-eum style comedy”. You either like it or you dislike it.

  10. Ji Sung please! Jeon In Hwa also brilliant in My Daughter GSW. HJE is one great actress ( i love her in melo, not in rom com like SWP, like some said, she tends to overacting), but she can’t beat Ji Sung for daesang prize.

  11. just ji sung…not split the awards.it look not valid…how come 2 person get 1 award. HJE is good actress but not really favor her.her character is common compared to jisung character.

  12. Ji sung ji sung ji sung all the way.
    Who could possibly beat his acting skills in kmhm..unforgettable drama and one of its kind. He deserves it. He made unforgettable characters that was Loved by all..hwang eum jung was good but ji sung is the ultimate

  13. Ji Sung transformation was good in HMKM. HJE is a damn good and hardworking actress. First when i saw her i thought she is not very pretty. Then she won me over and over again in her every drama. She never take rest. All of her dramas are good too. She isnt my favorite korean actress. But she is always welcome and well loved by me.

    She Was Pretty (MBC, 2015)
    Kill Me, Heal Me (MBC, 2015)
    Endless Love (SBS, 2014)
    Potato Star 2013QR3 (tvN,2013) Cameo
    Secret Love (KBS2, 2013)
    Incarnation of Money (SBS, 2013)
    Full House TAKE 2 (TBS, SBS Plus, 2012)
    Golden Time (MBC, 2012)
    High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged (MBC, 2012) cameo
    Can You Hear My Heart (MBC, 2011)
    Giant (SBS, 2010)
    Two Wives (SBS, 2009) Cameo
    The Fool That I Love(SBS, 2009)
    High Kick Through The Roof (MBC, 2009)
    East of Eden (MBC, 2009)
    Little Mom Scandal (CGV, 2008)
    Last Scandal (MBC, 2008)
    Winter Bird (MBC, 2007)
    The Person I Love (SBS, 2007)

  14. I hope they give it to Ji Sung and Jeon In-Hwa.
    Hwang Jung Eum deserves no prizes for her horrible acting. That woman needs to go home and stay away from Korean Drama. Disgusting.

  15. For those with so much hatred for HJE, just think it wisely for a bit. Dramas like Secret and KMHM were underrated once around their casting things. Bcos people in the industry already believed that those were totally messed. But in the end, they were superb both in acting and rating. And HJE believed (she must be since she took the roles) that there was something good in the drama or the actors (speaking of JS in KMHM). HJE is the only actress whom i see has guts to potray a role, she feels good to be not as beautiful as other woman. In one drama she had to be a fat woman, then she had such ugly hair perm, and yes some PDs did asked her to shriek a lot. Am not asking for people to love her much, just be rational would you? We dont have rights to hate people, whoever he/she is.

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