Woo Do Hwan Apologizes and Deletes BTS Video of Cut Romantic Scene with Bona from Drama Joseon Attorney

Man, this totally feels like a handful of crazy idol fans of Bona who made a mountain out of a molehill. Recently finished sageuk drama Joseon Attorney did okay ratings and after its fun is generating more noise. After the last episode aired, male lead Woo Do Hwan posted a BTS video on his SNS of a cut scene from the drama where he and female lead Bona’s characters have gotten married and are snuggling in bed. Some fans immediately excoriated him for being sleazy in posting this but other fans say this is normal drama OTP shipping candy spreading (i.e. sharing goodies). It actually became a controversy and Woo Do Hwan explained that the BTS was posted after clearing it with Bona and the production (who gave him the video the begin with) but he ended up deleting it. Now other fans are upset that Woo Do Hwan did nothing wrong and got flack for it.

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