Woo Do Hwan, Bona, and Cha Hak Yeon Embark on a Sageuk Legal Adventure in Posters and Preview for MBC Drama Joseon Lawyer

In my rattling off all the Joseon + a profession K-dramas in recent years in my first post about upcoming MBC drama Joseon Lawyer I totally forgot Joseon Exorcist. That list was not meant to be exclusive but goodness JE was a big one so big budget and cancelled after two episodes for a litany of cultural sins. Anyhoo, back to Joseon Lawyer, MBC is doing a decent enough job with the promos so far, love the wide range of eye catching visuals on the posters and the preview is just promising full blown comedy which isn’t as worrying for me because Woo Do Hwan absolutely has it in him to go for broke and still come across as charming.

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tvN Confirms Early 2022 K-drama Twenty Five Twenty One with Kim Tae Ri as a Fencer and Nam Joo Hyuk as a Sports Reporter

This drama and casting news has been around for awhile but this week is the first official confirmation of the entire project. tvN has confirmed the romance and life empowerment drama Twenty Five Twenty One which is set during the … Continue reading

Suzy and Lee Dong Wook Picked as Actor and Actress Winners at the 2021 First Brand Awards

The 2021 First Brand Awards, celebrating the 19th year of giving out prizes for consumer faves, will forgo a ceremony this year but still announced the winners of the various category daesang prizes. The Actress Award goes to Suzy while … Continue reading

KBS Drama Your House Helper Looks Like a Bougie Brunch in Drama Posters and Previews

K-dramas are being preempted starting this week left and right on the prime time channels due to World Cup coverage. That means new KBS Wed-Thurs drama Your House Helper won’t premiere this week despite predecessor Suits wrapping up past week, … Continue reading