SBS Fri-Sat Drama Again My Life with Lee Jun Ki Hits 11% Ratings in Episode 13 and is a Satisfying Good Guy One Step Ahead Methodical Thriller

I’ve finally caught up to Again My Life! Yay for quarantine drama goals heh. I hate to leave my Lee Jun Ki hanging and having the time to marathon this drama was totally worth the wait. This Friday’s episode 13 broke 11% ratings which is a new high for the drama and a definitely win for SBS. The drama is basically a wrong hero’s wet dream, a what-if that every viewer who has watched a drama where the lead character is always one step behind and getting screwed over wishes could happen, that the lead character is instead one step ahead. I can’t describe how satisfying it is watching Lee Jun Ki’s Kim Hee Woo use his lived before life and the knowledge to slowly and patiently plot and execute his take down of the Big Bad Congressman who seems to wield way more power than any politician in I’ve ever seen in a K-drama. The supporting characters fall into two caps – the corrupt, greedy ones who we watch Hee Woo dole out his comeuppance to each and the decent, upright ones who we see align with Hee Woo one by one and hope no one turns out to be a secret baddie in disguise. This drama has no romance (so far) and strangely the female lead in the poster Kim Ji Eun has very little screen time through episode 9 before slowly increasing more. I don’t mind though it’s first and foremost watching Hee Woo out maneuver and set up the bad guys that’s the fun parts. So if you’re looking for a brisk well executed drama check this one out, it’s really good!

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