C-movie Secret Garden Releases Stills and Teasers Ahead of Christmas Premiere

Not only did the C-movie version of Secret Garden the famous K-drama actually film this year, it’s going to be released in three weeks on December 28th. Either mark your calendars because you want to watch it, or if you’re an SG aficionado then this might be your version of D-day. The thing appeared to have filmed in less than two months so I can’t even vouch for any cinematic quality, aside from the dubious casting of Wallace Chung as Kim Joo Won, Tan Wei Wei as Gil Ra Im, and former H.O.T. member Kangta as Oska. I’m actually impressed the drama managed to land Kangta, since him being a mega Hallyu idol star in the late 90s (as recently revisited with such warm nostalgia in the K-drama Answer Me 1997) makes him rather perfect to play aging star Oska. I was really underwhelmed when I saw Tan Wei Wei at the press conference to commence filming but seeing her in the stills and the trailers, she’s actually not bad. She has a decent screen presence and that hardness I associate with the character. She also appears to have great chemistry with Wallace, who has the toughest shoes to fill since everyone associates Hyun Bin with that character. With that said, this is a movie version with less than two hours of running time so I’m sure the entire cast can put their own spin on things. I actually think the drama looks kooky enough to be entertaining like a Bizarro universe version of the drama. Check out the latest stills and trailers below. Continue reading