Yamapi Returns to Fuji TV Getsuku with Summer Nude Co-starring Karina and Toda Erika

I like to think the higher-ups at Fuji TV took a look at its upcoming line up and realized that Summer was coming and it needed to let loose and have some fun. Right now its Getsuku (Monday@9) time slot is filled by the high profile Galileo 2 (with Fukuyama Masaharu back but the leading lady got sacked for a chick a decade younger who can’t act but was brought in because she has less wrinkles so I’m boycotting this one on principle alone), but last year the Summer Getsuku was filled by Rich Man, Poor Woman and I can’t help but be totally spoiled by having such a fun dorama livening up my Summer nights. Have no fear because Fuji TV is at least attempting to recapture the magic of the effervescent RMPW last Summer by premiering Summer Nude come July 8th starring my Yamashita Tomohisa, Karina, and Toda Erika. As if this cast wasn’t enough, the network is throwing in Nagasawa Masami as a freebie to reunite her with Yamapi from when they starred in their first Getsuku together which was Proposal Daisakusen way back in 2007. Masami is guest-starring in Summer Nude as Yamapi’s ex-girlfriend who suddenly disappeared 3 years ago from his life and he’s totally hung up on her. Erika plays Yamapi’s closest female confidante and loves him despite knowing he hasn’t gotten over his ex. Karina plays the older woman, a chef who’s moved to the resort town where this story is set to get over a bad break up when she is left at the altar, and Yamapi’s photographer character happens to capture that moment on camera. Sounds like a round of Summer lovin’ is in store for everyone after they all get their hearts broken first. Yamapi has starred with all three of his leading ladies before, multiple times in fact, from Dragon Zakura to ProDai (Masami) to Nobuta wo Produce and Code Blue (Erika) not to mention Ashita wa Joe (Karina). I’m a little bit annoyed that Masami is playing Yamapi’s ex-girlfriend here, since with the beach setting it feels like Ken and Rie from ProDai totally didn’t work out in the end, and after all they went through to end up together that is super depressing. At least the ex isn’t being played by Horikita Maki, I think I would fry a blood vessel if those two played exes before a drama actually let them end up together first. Still forever my dream OTP.

First look at Summer Nude:



Yamapi Returns to Fuji TV Getsuku with Summer Nude Co-starring Karina and Toda Erika — 31 Comments

  1. Ahh, the requisite ‘older woman’ storyline (I mean, Karina is only a year older than Yamapi!)… how ORIGINAL.

  2. For Galileo 2 I do prefer Shibasaki Kou too, and Yoshitaka Yuriko is comparatively a lacklustre substitute. But she did prove herself a capable actress in Hebi ni Piasu, so I won’t say she can’t act.

    • I agree. She just hasn’t stepped up to the plate and isn’t really all that believable in her current role. SK was much much better.

      • I watched two of the seasons, and I gotta say Yoshitaka Yuriko can act, her acting is pretty natural and she’s cute so I pretty much disagree with the sentence she can’t act.

        But Shibasaki Kou’s character is tailored made for Galileo which makes her acting look better in comparison. However I personally prefer Yoshitaka Yuriko as an actress, Shibasaki Kou never seems to connect with me..

        Anyways, Galileo 2 storyline kinda sucks compared to Galileo, it’s more of the writer’s problem. The cases are not as exciting as the first season. Galileo is one of those dramas that I find alright too, it’s interesting but not that awesome. The main guy is the most important so I couldn’t care less who is he paired with as long as she don’t suck.

  3. You’re not the only one angry that Kou got sacked for Yuriko, Kou is awesome and a great actress Yuriko can be good in the right role (hebi no piasu, VP 2) but here she is lackluster.
    In general I’m not interested in this dorama at all, Karina and Erika are not that good actresses to keep me hooked.
    I think Maki is too big of a name at the moment for Yamapi, Umechan was such a hit for Maki and that would take attention away from a Johnnies so it’s a no even though she’s filming a movie with Okada and rumored to be in a taiga 2015 possibly starring Kimutaku. Even though I’m pissed that they have never portrayed a couple because those two have sizzling chemistry that could set fire to a building.

    • Erika was great in the SPEC series.

      Am quite excited about Oguri returning to dorama land, albeit in a smallish role I believe, with Soredemo & Mother’s writer in July as well.

      • I’m looking forward to that dorama. Mitsushima Hikari is a great actress and the writer is good so yay.
        Also there is another dorama I’m interested in, can’t remember the name but the cast has Kuninaka Ryoko, Kiritani Kenta, Tanaka Rena and others and the plot sounds dark so I’m in.
        I’m forever spoiled by Nakatani Miki’s Saya, I tried not to compare the two but Miki just is the better actress.

      • Sakamoto Yuji has been consistently delivering quality work since he returned with Mother. Saikon no Rikon from this winter season was so satisfying good! Ono Machiko was absolutely superb. She’s a chameleon who does really well in a wide range of roles.

    • the title of that show is : Gekiryu~Watashi wo Oboete Imasuka?

      love kiritani kenta, sadly i think hes an underrated actor and not popular in japan. id rather have him get lead roles than all those other jpop idol boyband members out there. too many of those boyband members from arashi to tokio to smap get lead roles in dramas when they cant even act, just because of their popularity and the dumb unfair japanese entertainment industry.
      it doesnt look like he will be the main character in this new show πŸ™
      heh i loved him especially in w no higeki. he was hot their.
      yah loved miki nakatani as well, sadly she also doesnt get much lead roles anymore after hitting 30+. also i didnt like the supernatural turn keizoku took with near the end of the series as well as the movie.

      • Agree with you on Kiritani Kenta. And casting boyband members… although I’ll speak up for Matsujun, who can act (in fact, I think he can’t sing but can act) – Smile is the best example of his actual range. All the other Arashi members fall flat for me though – annoyingly, because I can’t get myself to watch Kazoku Game both due to the super-twisted storyline and the lead actor (Sakurai) though I want to see Kamiki Ryonosuke (who is a talent to keep an eye on)!

        Yamapi is another one that can’t really act either… I’m okayish with both Toda and Karina (been warming up to her), although they haven’t got the widest range either.

      • Oh, yes thanks for the name. Kiritani is definitely underrated but he is slowly getting more known and yes he was awesome in W no hideki. (also known as the only time Takei Emi impressed me)
        I think Miki is focusing in film, but she was fantastic in Seinaru Kaibutsutachi.
        Sadly I think the network bosses believe idol=ratings even though it’s not always true. To be fair not all JE idols are bad actors. Example of good actors are Nagase from Tokio, Ninomiya from Arashi and Tsyoshi from Smap and there are some talented young actors getting attention like Sometani Shouta.

      • Sometani is one of my absolute favourites – I think he’s in a league of his own, even compared to some actors 10 years+ older than him. He’s always been an actor though. Fortunately, I don’t think anyone is ignoring him anymore. Apparently he’s from a tiny talent agency but starred in some 20+ movies in the last two years (obviously a lot in supporting roles, though he’s of course perfectly capable of carrying a film – Himizu – or drama – xxxHolic –).

        Don’t get the love for Takei Emi (I’ll give W no Hideki a try though, haven’t seen that), if we’re talking young actresses, my vote is for Hashimoto Ai.

    • It seems like there are different versions of the reasons why Kou got replaced floating around? There’s the gossipy one which claims that Oda Yuji was involved. Another one that has Yoshitaka Yuriko badmouthing Kou. The one that sounds a bit credible is that filming for Galileo 2 interfered with the schedule for her music tour and Kou herself isn’t too keen on appearing in sequels.(She only guest starred in the 2nd season of Dr. Koto Shinryojo while Aoi Yu replaced her as the female lead.) And also, apparently Kou’s more invested in her career as a songstress than in her career as an actress.

      And then, shockingly enough, FujiTV drags Kou back in the middle of her exhausting tour schedule to film an Utsumi-centric SP.

      • I def agree with the sequels thing. That sounds more like Kou. I’ve heard that more than once in relation to her. Others rumors I take with grain. Cause for some reason people always live to kick dust between women. And as I woman, I don’t buy into that crap.

    • heh same for me. only show that i liked takei emi in.
      yup i agree on nagase and tsuyoshi. unfortunately it seems that nagase has been type casted for comedy dramas and thats a shame since the comedies hes been on recently have been bad. liked him in tiger and dragon and my boss my hero.
      for tsuyoshi, i agree hes a good actor. hes not that great at singing, but man can he act. i still remember him from his early days like narita rikon to ninkyo helper.
      for me personally my favorite actors are Abe Hiroshi and Takenouchi Yutaka too bad their both old now πŸ™
      yup i watched that show with miki. i was actually mean and wanted her to get away with what she did >:)

      • Nakuna Hara-chan was brilliant and it was a dorama that I wish would have gotten more love when it aired. Aso Kumiko and Nagase were adorable.
        Another JE whom I like is Okada Junichi, I don’t like all his projects (SP) but in the right tole he is great. Maybe I should watch Kisarazu cat’s eye again!
        Abe Hiroshi is awesome, I’ve always liked his work. Kekkon dekinai otoko is one of my favorites. Abe is still getting starring roles like Saka no Ue no Kumo was a huge hit and he does a lot of movies as well.
        Takeunouchi Yutaka, mmm he is so handsome. I’d say he is also popular but sadly very underrated. Don’t know why he doesn’t do more film, he has the charisma and talent. He should reunite with Hirosue Ryoko and make another romcom like dekichatta kekkon.
        I was rooting for Miki’s character too πŸ™‚ there was just something compelling about her and when you realize everything is for her sister sake.

      • I have only seen the two subbed episodes of Nakuna Hara-chan, which I loved loved loved. Really hope that gets subbed fully one day.

        Takenouchi is beautiful, and I love his voice! There’s just something about it. He definitely has the talent to do film as well, I can’t say I always understand why some actors are more successful than others… may be luck and how good their agency is as well.

  4. Shibasaki Kou was the best thing about season 1 of Galileo and I learned from Episode Zero that the show isn’t nearly as good without her. So even though Detective Utsumi is suppose to be guest starring here and there, I just can’t bring myself to watch season 2.

    (Sorry, I know this is a post about Yamapi’s new show. I’m just more fired up about Galileo!)

  5. love toda erika (especially in SPEC), dislike karina (i dont think shes that great of an actress). hopefully yamapi ends up with erika >:)

    yah its such a shame about shibasaki. loved her in galileo. sux how actresses who hit age 30 and up start to lose roles in dramas and have a hard time getting lead roles (someone that comes into mind is miki nakatani). except for rly good or rly popular actresses like amami, kanno miho, and shinohara ryoko.

  6. I’m so glad that he’s doing a light show, after all the heavy drama stuff in the past couple of years. Hoping he brings the quirky back!

  7. Why can’t it be Yamapi and Maki???!! Sigh!! I’ve been waiting way too long for them to be a couple on-screen!! =(

  8. I’ve just re-watched Buzzer Beat in the weekend.. I know Yamapi acting is not the best but I love him anyway, hope he have good chemistry with the ladies.

    Galileo 2: Haha! I’m boycotting the show as well. I was so excited before I know Shibasaki Kou won’t be the female lead anymore. I thought she was busy or something, now I’m more upset that to know that she got sacked instead…

  9. Shibasakii is defintely better than Yuirko, but I actually like her. She’s just absolutely horrible in Galileo. Don’t understand the recast, nor do I like.

    As for Ken and Rie, this idea makes me smile, cause I abhorred them, their story and the drama. So if I can hope, she remains the triflin’ idiot from ProDai and finally gets out of Ken’s life, for good, I’m overjoyed.

    Not too excited about SN. Don’t particularly care for Karina, so I’m hoping for an Erika snatch but I don’t care for the same old overlooked bff story either.

    “At least the ex isn’t being played by Horikita Maki, I think I would fry a blood vessel if those two played exes before a drama actually let them end up together first. Still forever my dream OTP.”

    Umm please don’t speak these things into the universe. My eyes are swelling (blood and tears) at the blasphemy. They are the dream! They must do a drama that makes sense, ends well and has them together always! Japan, I mean it!!!

  10. I will always wait for Yamaki.

    Even if it’s just a film, that film has to be an adapted shoujo manga that’s about true love. If one of them has to die, that’s even better because their characters will be more in love before someone dies in the end.

  11. I’m still waiting for a drama where he’ll finally end up with Horikita Maki! I totally love that couple and I still haven’t given up on that tought yet! <3

  12. I find that yamapi can’t act as for hotties miura haruma is proving to be a terrific actor in Last Cinderella, isn’t anyone watching that one ?

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