Sneak Peek at Summer Nude with Yamapi, Toda Erika, and Karina Premiering Next Monday

It’s been four long years since Yamashita Tomohisa graced the screen in a Fuji TV Getsuku (Monday@9) when he stole my heart in Buzzer Beat, which to this day remains one of the best dramas at capturing the heady days and nights of Summer. He returns next Monday to Fuji TV with Summer Nude, which follows the time slot vacated by the high profile Galileo 2, this time reuniting with not one but two leading ladies he’s worked with many times before. Yamapi plays a photographer who once had grand dreams but now works in a small seaside town doing wedding and funerals, pining for his ex-girlfriend played in a cameo appearance by Nagasawa Masami (which makes since since they worked on Proposal Daisakusen together and Summer Nude is penned by the same scriptwriter) who abruptly disappeared from his life three years ago. He has a chance encounter with Karina at her character’s wedding when he’s the photographer and ends up shooting the moment she gets left at the altar. Karina decides to take a breather from her fancy restaurant manager job in Tokyo and stays at the seaside town to cook for a restaurant owned by Toda Erika’s character, who is best friends and former classmates with Yamapi and has been nursing a crush on him all these years. Of course a love triangle develops. I was never a fan of Erika for the longest time until SPEC transformed her in my mind as an actress. Karina still has yet to impress me, but both of them look good with Pi so I’ll wait until watching the drama before making a decision which girl and which character I much prefer to be the end game. Yamapi sings the theme song for this drama also called “Summer Nude” and I hope the soundtrack for the drama is even a fraction as good as the soundtrack for Buzzer Beat since it helps smooth over the rough edges when Japan tries to do a romance dorama but doesn’t always have the same knack as K-dramas. I’m also immensely grateful that Pi’s hair looks good here, still forever traumatized by his fried capellini hair in BB.

Teaser for Summer Nude:

Sneak peek at Summer Nude:


Sneak Peek at Summer Nude with Yamapi, Toda Erika, and Karina Premiering Next Monday — 12 Comments

  1. Still not excited about this one. The cast is meh and I guess they are hoping Yamapi to become the next Kimutaku.
    There are a few doramas that I’m looking forward too;
    Starman- looks adorable and has Hirosue Ryoko
    Woman-from the writer of Mother and the preview looks good
    Limit-HS girls trying to survive (from the creator of Life that was really dark)
    Gekiryuu-great cast and the story sounds good
    Kodoku no gurume- loved the first two seasons

    • ooo thanks for the list. the only one i knew about from your list was gekiryuu with kiritani kenta. unfortunately since no one is subbing it, furransu has put the obtaining of raws for it on hold 🙁
      i loved both kodoku no gurume so ill be sure to watch it. hopefully it gets subbed again by the same group.
      starman looks interesting. its just unfortunate that hirosue ryoko is not as famous as she once was in her younger days in the early 2000s.
      ill be sure to look at all your list

      • This is just one list ^^ most likely I’ll check more out but right now those are the ones that interest me the most.
        Yeah, Ryoko has always been quite charming to me. She’s a solid actress that has really matured. Watched her in Beach boys and dekichatta kekkon and she’s really always been solid.
        NHK’s Double tone also seems really interesting as does Meoto Zenzai that has Ono Machiko and Moriyama Mirai as leads.
        Namonaki doku also could possibly be good.
        What, hmph Gekiryuu really was one that I was not going to miss.
        Kodoku no gurume always puts a smile on my face (as makes me really hungry) it was a gem of a dorama reminded me a bit of shinya shokudo.

    • They keep trying to make a new Kimutaku, but the problem is they keep these boys too well-scrubbed and the roles too mild. The Kimutaku-wannabees are given characters like the good heroes of the KimuTaku dramas nowadays, where he is mild and good-hearted and annoyingly asexual. But Kimura started out playing fairly gritty roles – sure, everybody gets hung up on the pretty ones, but he was also allowed to experiment with a lot of different parts: an amoral killer, a thug, a drifter; most of the time his character was apathetic or conflicted or both. They keep hoping to re-create the romantic fervor, not realizing that they are missing a key ingredient: the darkness, the loneliness, the Bad Man.
      Kimutaku was always the character you wanted to reach out and fix, to save him from himself, most of time. Women like bad boys because they always assume that only they can reform them. See Pride for a perfect example. They’ve never really let Yamapi be bad, not in a believable way. So no Kimutaku Junior.

      • The main problem with Yamapi is not only the lack of range of characters that he has portrayed, but that he can’t act.

  2. I’ve seen dramas with the main guy having a change of heart on meeting the new female lead all the time. until I saw Coffee House which totally opened my eyes, then later comes Reply1997, where the male leads stay in love with his bff. jdrama like to try new twist lately, with uncertain otp from the start, like in last cinderella, so this one i’ll go for erika. just hope her character doesn’t turn annoying jealous bitch when karina appears.

    • im rooting for erika as well. but im wary that she wont get him in the end since shes not as popular as karina. i think.
      i remember fujiki being so popular in the early 2000s and i was rooting for him in last cinderella, but it seems that they let miura end up with shinohara ryoko to try a different twist in the story to let the young guy end up with the older lady, plus it doesnt help with the fact that miura is hot and popular right now.

      • Ugh, don’t talk to me about that ending. I know lots of people shipped her with Miura’s character, but I could really see her having kids with Fujiki’s and being really happy. Sigh. Oh well.

  3. I have to say that Karina is one of my blacklisted actresses. There’s something about her that puts me off. The only project of hers that I liked was “Love Shuffle” (I loved everything about that drama).

    I’m going to check out “Summer Nude” but there’s only a 50% chance I’ll like it. Unfortunately there are other new good Jdramas premiering that aren’t receiving even 1% of the attention this one got.

  4. I don’t have expactation anymore. Like “Last Cinderella” I was so excited but turned out to be really meh and disappointing.

  5. I love him in buzzer Beat, it looks like he be with the woman that has the short hair, her picture was hanging from the clothes line, but this J-drama you never know….

  6. aghh depressing!!! watching up to ep 4 and stop coz kind of know who he will end up with..not with the one i’m rooting for..huhu

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