Poster, Stills and Teasers for Bubbly KBS Drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol with Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook

There’s a lot going on with upcoming KBS drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol and it feels like there should be something for a lot of different tastes going in. It’s male lead Lee Jae Wook‘s big promotion to first lead after breaking out last year with Extraordinary You, and a return to rom-com for Go Ara after she tried out lots of other drama genres in recent years. I’m there for that ridiculously cute white dog, HOMG that fur baby is insanely squishable and I saw a BTS where Lee Jae Wook is going ga-ga and trying to get the dog to play with him. Plus there’s Nation’s Grandpa Lee Soon Jae (stay healthy haraboji!) and a trio of talented supporting leads with Lee Joo Hoon and Ye Ji Won plus teen actress Shin Eun Soo. The promos do feel a little twee at times but that’s the vibe so it’s probably fine if it’s not overly done.

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Script Reading For Upcoming KBS Drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol with Go Ara, Lee Jae Wook, and Kim Joo Hoon

I took my time to write about this drama because goodness the title just doesn’t jibe for me. Clearly I’m not musically inclined otherwise I would be writing about K-pop, so being linguistically inclined makes me near tone deaf and … Continue reading