Filming Halted on Five K-dramas Due to COVID-19 Outbreak: Men are Men, Private Life, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Run On, and More Than Friends

I feel like this new COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea could have 100% been prevented as the country did such a good job in February-April in containing the first wave. Alas the relaxation of restrictions and the crazies pushing for normalcy have come to roost as the nation is hitting new daily highs in infections. A few K-dramas, some currently airing and others just filming for the future, have announced halts to filming. Men are Men had a supporting actor test positive, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol has stopped filming out of caution but still plans to premiere next week, veteran K-actor Kim Won Hae tested positive along with 19 other members of a stage musical this week which shut down filming on More Than Friends as actress Kim Hee Jung is in the play and also working on that drama, soon to air Private Life also needed to pause filming, and lastly just starting filming K-drama Run On has announced a stop to filming as well. Except more halts and I’m good with any preventive and safety measures needed to keep people safe over producing content.

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Poster, Stills and Teasers for Bubbly KBS Drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol with Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook

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Script Reading For Upcoming KBS Drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol with Go Ara, Lee Jae Wook, and Kim Joo Hoon

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