Lovely Wedding Stills From Cross-border Couples Chae Rim-Gao Zi Qi and Tang Wei-Kim Tae Young

Everyone can probably use some happy news to wrap up this week and hopefully herald a better upcoming week in Asian entertainment news. August has been brutal in more ways than the deadly heat. Two cross-border top celebrity marriages made the headlines this week for releasing wedding photo shoots and the pairings are cute in that it’s flip-flopped. Top C-actress Tang Wei is marrying once-divorced K-director Kim Tae Young who directed her and Hyun Bin in Late Autumn, while K-actress Chae Rim who has been active in China for the last decade is marrying C-actor Gao Zi Qi. It’s a fair trade if we go by the Asian custom that the bride joins the groom’s family (and nationality), and is even nicer to think that love does break through language and cultural obstacles.

Tang Wei and Kim Tae Young actually got married already with a small ceremony in Sweden earlier in July, but this past week held a family and close friends only ceremony in Hong Kong. Tang Wei is relocating to live in Seoul but will continue her acting career in China. Chae Rim and Gao Zi Qi’s wedding is scheduled for October as a two-fer, a ceremony in China with the groom’s friends and family followed by a ceremony in Seoul a week later to celebrate with the bride’s side. This will be a second marriage for Chae Rim after a failed three year marriage to K-singer Lee Seung Hwan while it’s a first marriage for Gao Zi Qi, who is also a few years younger than her. This couple also met on the set of a project, playing a married couple in the CCTV period drama Li Family’s Great Residence. Congrats to both sets of happy and in love pretties! Continue reading