Tang Wei and Her Late Autumn Director Kim Tae Young Announce Engagement and Fall Nuptials

Another entertainment-related romance news hit the wires this week and this one is the reverse of last month’s announcement that Korean actress Chae Rim was marrying her Chinese actor boyfriend Gao Zi Qi. Chinese actress Tang Wei is engaged to critically acclaimed Korean movie director Kim Tae Young who directed her and Hyun Bin in the art house movie Late Autumn. The two have long been rumored to be dating but both have repeatedly denied it…..until now. Why bother denying was my opinion when the news first broke years ago that they were dating, neither are idols and going public doesn’t seem to have any negative repercussions on their careers IMO. Tang Wei has been a frequent visitor to Korea, and even bought a house there last year in Seoul, spurring even more speculations that she would marry Kim Tae Young. Even if they never admitted to dating, of course.

In the beginning there was even the cover up rumor that Tang Wei was dating her co-star Hyun Bin, which we now know was just using dimpled Binnie as a third wheel distraction for the medial. The Korean netizens are thrilled with the lovely and talented Tang Wei marrying one of their talented successful director, whereas the Chinese netizens reactions are more mixed, with some shipping fans wondering why she couldn’t have married Binnie (hahahaha) and others bemoaning the loss of Tang Wei over to Korea. Not sure why her marrying a Korean director means she now belongs to Korea, but I will never ever understand netizen logic or lack thereof. There is a general consensus of Chae Rim marrying into China and Tang Wei marrying into Korea as some sort of karmic swap. I’m just content to report some happy wedding bell news and good luck to the happy couple. They’re ten years apart in age with Tang Wei being 34 years old while Kim Tae Young is 44 years old and this will be a first marriage for her and the second for him.

Binne is totally like “Don’t mind me, I’m just the third wheel here” in this picture LOL.


Tang Wei and Her Late Autumn Director Kim Tae Young Announce Engagement and Fall Nuptials — 22 Comments

  1. I am wondering whether this is a shotgun marriage. Of course, her agent has already denied this, but this could be because it is still not more than 3 months.

  2. This would actually be Mr Director Kim ‘s second marriage. Also about the lose to China because she is marrying a Korean man… that is a cultural thing…. same as when you marry you ‘belong to your in-laws family’ and not your maiden (something I’m [pretty sure you’re aware of too)

      • Hey Emmy, nope. It still exists in yup – the real world. Where I’m from it is still prevalent and I know of a few more cultures in which this holds true too.

      • @Emmy
        I’m with jandoe… It does exist in real world… Where I’m from…Whether or not the in-laws see you as one of theirs is one story…but your own family see you as “now you are with the strangers”. I know it’s sad & ridiculous. But it is still true to some parts of the world in the real life.

      • My point is East Asian cultures, which is what S.O.C is referring to. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said “real world” but my point is in this context, that is East Asian metropoles, be it, Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, which is presumably the context of Tang Wei and Kim Tae Young.

        While this may be a traditional element of East Asian cultures, most East Asians living in modern cities don’t really see their daughter’s as “belonging to their son-in-law’s family” any more. Not in a society where women are now highly educated and free to decide who to marry and when to leave him when the marriage no longer works out.

  3. The director needs a haircut. Makes him look so old. Much older than 44. Does he speak mandarin? How do they communicate.

  4. Woah, wasn’t keeping up with any C-ent news, so this is completely new to me. Didn’t expect it at all.

    I can totally understand public figures denying dating each other. It is a private matter so they don’t have to admit to anything unless they feel comfortable enough to do so. And of course, with dating couples there’s always the possibility of a breakup and most people don’t want that plastered all over the news later on.

  5. I loved Tang Wei in Late Autumn and I’ve found something I cherished in all of Kim Tae-yong’s films (plus, he was wonderful when he came to a Q&A in London a few years back).

    A sensitive actress and a sensitive director… I think they match well.

  6. Congrats!

    Mr PD was still married till late 2012 and this dating rumor caught wind since they were filming in 2009…so.

  7. I was an intern for Late Autumn, I am so happy for them! Tang Wei was so nice and funny and Kim Tae Yong was so sweet and kind. So happy they are together! Congratulations to both and best wishes! Wish I could go to their wedding!

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