Lee Ji Hoon Will Not Attend Press Conference for MBN Drama Sponsor Reportedly Due to Scheduling Conflict But Insiders Say It’s Due to Him Being Demoted From Male Lead as Seen in Name Order on Official Drama Page

Man, K-actor Lee Ji Hoon seemed to have finally gotten his first big break. After the last few years in steady second male lead territory, with River Where the Moon Rises he really shined in his role sometimes even eclipsing the performance of either of the two male leads. He got his first male lead role thereafter in MBN drama Sponsor opposite Han Chae Young and all seemed fine until a few months ago when a production member claimed that Lee Ji Hoon brought a gangster-seeming friend to the set with implied threats. Lee Ji Hoon’s side said it was all a misunderstanding and apologized. But last month eagled eyed netizens noticed that the official MBN drama page for Sponsor suddenly showed second male lead Koo Sa Jung‘s face next to Han Chae Young where previously it was Lee Ji Hoon there. It appeared that Lee Ji Hoon was being demoted quietly as the male lead, not sure if the script had been tweaked to make it happen or simply being done on the promo level. That coupled with the news that Lee Ji Hoon will not attend the Sponsor press conference definitely makes this behind-the-scenes brouhaha seem more likely.

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