Nikki Hsieh and Lego Lee Pair Up for TW-drama Love Seventeen

Either Lego Lee knows he owes me big time for two crappy dramas in a row, or he just likes to work, whatever the reason I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth and will just squee with excitement. This week was the launch press conference for upcoming TW-drama Love Seventeen (Me and My Seventeen Years Old), which is capitalizing on the nostalgia trend that’s propelled Our Times to box office topping success in Taiwan last summer and continues in take in the viewers in Korea with Answer Me 1988.

After getting saddled with two poorly cast leading ladies, with Yao Yao in Aim High and Allison Lin in Love Cuisine, this time Lego’s costar is one of my fave TW-actresses Nikki HsiehI still have fond memories of the ridiculous King Flower and how she and Chris Wu sold the bag of crazy. In this drama, Lego and Nikki will be acting from their high school years on through adulthood, so conceptually it also reminds me of upcoming C-drama Precious Youth with Liu Shi Shi and Zheng Kai. Love Seventeen starts filming now with a later in the year broadcast date on TTV. Continue reading