TW-ent Abuzz Over Mars Ma’s Wife Suing His Costar Hitomi Wang for Adultery After Working Together on Hit Drama Great Times

This is one case where real life is as makjang and melodramatic as fiction on dramas. TW-ent is all about the crazy, wild love triangle now legal drama involving two stars and one spurned wife. Actor Mars Ma (Ma Jun Lin) and actress Hitomi Wang (Wang Tong) starred as onscreen lovers in hit Taiwanese drama Great Times which ended its run recently. Starting in June when the drama premiered there was rumors that the two were falling in love in real life, a problem since she’s got a boyfriend and he’s got a wife with two infant twin boys. They denied it over and over again but his wife posted on her FB in June about a “Ms. Wang” wrecking her marriage and her husband straying. This situation exploded this week when Hitomi was served a lawsuit for adultery and promptly brought her mom and aunt to Mar’s house to “talk to” his wife, who did not want to see them but they came at night anyways. The talk turned into yelling with Hitomi’s aunt saying that it was Mars who was coming onto Hitomi and chiding the wife for not managing her husband well and for not giving him the warmth he needed in the family hence he went elsewhere. Dang. More after the jump. Continue reading