TW-ent Abuzz Over Mars Ma’s Wife Suing His Costar Hitomi Wang for Adultery After Working Together on Hit Drama Great Times

This is one case where real life is as makjang and melodramatic as fiction on dramas. TW-ent is all about the crazy, wild love triangle now legal drama involving two stars and one spurned wife. Actor Mars Ma (Ma Jun Lin) and actress Hitomi Wang (Wang Tong) starred as onscreen lovers in hit Taiwanese drama Great Times which ended its run recently. Starting in June when the drama premiered there was rumors that the two were falling in love in real life, a problem since she’s got a boyfriend and he’s got a wife with two infant twin boys. They denied it over and over again but his wife posted on her FB in June about a “Ms. Wang” wrecking her marriage and her husband straying. This situation exploded this week when Hitomi was served a lawsuit for adultery and promptly brought her mom and aunt to Mar’s house to “talk to” his wife, who did not want to see them but they came at night anyways. The talk turned into yelling with Hitomi’s aunt saying that it was Mars who was coming onto Hitomi and chiding the wife for not managing her husband well and for not giving him the warmth he needed in the family hence he went elsewhere. Dang. More after the jump.

The day before the confrontation, Mars’ wife filed a lawsuit against Hitomi in court for adultery. Mars and Hitomi then called a tearful press conference admitting they crossed the line – Hitomi asked for forgiveness from the wife and Mars said he didn’t know his wife was filing the lawsuit against Hitomi and said he would take responsibility for blurring the lines between reel and real and being a bad actor that he transferred his onscreen emotions to real life. OMG you can’t make this shit up. TW-netizens are ALL on the side of the wife – getting cheated on sucks but Hitomi taking her mom and aunt to force the wife to talk to them is wrong 100% so it doesn’t even matter what they were going to say to her but the aunt blaming the wife makes it even worse. Then the tearful press conference by the two cheaters was just lame to behold though imma did get my popcorn and cannot look away. Mars’ wife also posted video of the confrontation at her house which makes Hitomi’s aunt look like the bitch she is. Wild, huh? Now both Mars and Hitomi have been told by the TV network to “take a break from acting to reflect” whatever that means. I just feel sooooooo bad for the wife, herself a fashion designer but also taking care of two toddler twin boys.


TW-ent Abuzz Over Mars Ma’s Wife Suing His Costar Hitomi Wang for Adultery After Working Together on Hit Drama Great Times — 21 Comments

  1. All I can say is damn, also this actress Hitomi Wang is already an adult go fix in your own problems don’t send your mom or your aunt to fix your shit. Shame on these women, who the fuck goes and confront another man’s wife.

  2. Wow. That’s just wrong cheating. Then the aunt who said that when the wife has 2 babies to look after.

    And omg. End comment on the mess. Even a writer can’t even make this up. In fact even the most makjang drama I’ve watched didn’t have it this messy.

  3. I don’t know them but damn that Hitomi’s family needs a big slap on the face. How dare them go at her own house and humiliate her like that. Please wife make them suffer!

    • Wow smh. Good on the wife filing the lawsuit and doing it a way that some women wouldn’t of done. Some would of whoop the crap out of both of them. For Hitoma’s aunt and mom going to the house and saying crap like that. Nah Hitoma knew he was married, she had a boyfriend and wtf about showing the hubby some love um she got twin babies to take care of. They should know being a new mother especially to twins is hardwork. I hope the wife gets everything.

  4. Notice how women always go after each other when it is really a lame guy that probably started it all. He told the mistress lies about the wife and thought he could get away. This guy is the ultimate loser for walking out of his wife and twin babies! Instead of focusing on being a good father and husband, he goes to another woman. Not that I don’t blame the mistress. She is totally at fault for believing him and then trying try to blame the wife when obviously it is the husband’s fault and the audacity of the mistress to spin it as ‘if you were a good wife…” I am glad the wife is suing. I just wished she would include her husband too – he is the root cause. These press conference are no good.

    • I agree with everything! Why is it always the woman to be blamed? Obviously it’s the guys fault first. It doesn’t matter if she “seduced” him, a good man would’ve backed off the advances but he didn’t. The lame excuse of “seductress” is just plain stupid. Same with the “OnSum” scandal. Everyone blamed Jacqueline and while she’s in hiding, Andy is like preparing a comeback. WTF! Double standards. The mistress is a piece of shit but I hate how the man gets less hate compared to it. The wife should sue her husband too. It takes two to tango.

      • Wife won’t gain extra by suing the husband. She automatically gets the kids and half his wealth if she files for divorce. I am glad she is suing the mistress. Standard only applies when on equal ground. Now it’s clear who has the upper hand. I don’t know these people as I don’t watch TW dramas. The name Hitomi is Japanese. She has definitely picked the wrong name because her action is ugly ?

      • Yep! I hate the double standard too. I am so glad that some women like us see the truth re these loser men. Wives if your husband cheats – blame him equally as the other lady. Ladies that get involved with married men should see this as a warning too.

    • I definitely think men need to face their consequences more often but I think the reason wives tend to go after the mistress instead of the husband is because of the small chance that the husband and wife might still try to work things out. And it’s not just because a wife is weak or submissive. When children are involved, a wife/mom tends to think about what’s best for her children. She worries that growing up in a broken family won’t be good, even if the father is cheating scum. It really is a horrible situation for wives that get cheated on. I’m completely on the wife’s side in this story. I just wanted to mention why it is that the mistress is attacked more often. She’s the outsider.

  5. 2019 is a year of marriage wrecking ball explosives for korea/chinese/Taiwanese entertainment world.
    And the year isn’t even done yet. We’ve still got the last quarter of the year. YIKES…!!!

    But within it all, this takes the cake. Cheating, plus way out of line confrontation of mistress and her family, and lastly joint presscon of the cheaters. That is just way makjang then any makjang created.

  6. oh my mind :/ what kind of people are they?! both actor actress and her family what in the world!!! I cant even find words to write here I just hope wife has people caring for her beside her in this shtty times omg

  7. After Andy Hui doing the press con thingy and getting away with his scandal a few months after, cheaters now know they can do the same. Sob a bit and apologise and once things came down, back to earning their bread and butter! Showbiz – disgusting!

  8. “Mars said he didn’t know his wife was filing the lawsuit against Hitomi” – so did he even talk to his wife about the affair or did he immediately try to save his ass in front of the public? Those two are real lowlives. I hope the wife won’t retract the lawsuit and she divorces him. I’m so happy she recorded the enounter with the “other woman”‘ family and I can only hope the aunt gets cussed out by netizens.
    I’m always surprised. Shouldn’t there be a limit to how shameless one can be?
    I wish the wife strength to get through this.

  9. Hoping the courts award the wife the full amount, NT4mill. Then divorce Mars and sue him for child support. Nothing will make it okay, but money will lessen the pain.

  10. Hullo … Wife has not one but two (twins!) boys.

    “NOT enough warmth given to husband, hence he strays” – yup that Aunt so should get come-uppance one day, after all that warmth she might give her partner.

    Straying is straying – the core is WEAK within.

    Those 2 – just based on their idiotic made-up names so deserve each other.
    MARS? and HITOMI?!!! Hhahahhaha!

  11. Why does this sound like the possible ending of another couple currently in the news???

    I don’t know these two cheaters, but what she did is so wrong. Holding joint press conference on their cheating??? It is so look laughable..

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