Netflix Releases First Posters for K-drama The School Nurse Files with Jung Yumi and Nam Joo Hyuk

Streaming giant Netflix got into K-dramas 4 years ago and with it the company has produced exclusive content that can only be watched on the platform along with co-produced works that air on television channels and then Netflix. K-drama The School Nurse Files falls into the former category, it’s produced solely by Netflix and premieres on the platform for streaming on September 25, 2020. It’s adapted from a novel with the writer doing the drama screenplay as well and partnering with the movie director behind Crush and Blush, The Truth Beneath, and Persona. Starring Jung Yumi and Nam Joo Hyuk, the drama is about a school nurse who can jelly monsters which are personifications of human desires and she works to eradicate them. Joining her is fellow teacher played by Nam Joo Hyuk and this sounds kooky and interesting enough though the pairing still seems quite odd to cast these two together lol.

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