Whimsical Poster and New Stills for Netflix Fantasy Drama The School Nurse Files with Jung Yumi and Nam Joo Hyuk

I can’t get over how silly yet adorable Jung Yumi‘s monster hunting/vanquishing weapon of choice is in the upcoming Netflix drama The School Nurse Files (School Nurse Ahn Eun Young). It’s a sailor moon color scheme light saber is the best way to describe it, and kid sized to boot. I don’t think this drama will have genuinely scary monsters a la The Guest or the grittier horror of recent other K-dramas, the monsters seem to be squishy or colorful manifestations of emotions and as a school nurse she’s tasked with taking care of both the physical ailments and the emotional turmoil of her students. Joining her in this task is Nam Joo Hyuk who was playing a student himself just 5 years ago in School 2015 but is now graduated to being a teacher heh. Since it’s fantasy then even him being a teacher is a leap of faith in itself.

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