Kang Min Hyuk, Jung In Sun, and Song Jae Rim in New Kakao TV Tues/Fri Drama Not Yet Thirty

I have Kakao TV drama City Couple Way of Love all collected and ready to watch on a casual weekend. The first two episodes I watched didn’t really hook me but was also not bad so I just need to be in the mood for a marathon. That drama wrapped this Tuesday and next week will be the new drama taking its place Not Yet Thirty based on a webtoon. Starring Kang Min Hyuk, Jung In Sun, and Song Jae Rim as the central love triangle, it’s also an ensemble piece with other pairings including Hani, Baek Sung Chul, and Cha Min Jee. The drama is set in the publishing house and the cafe with the leads in typical modern career roles of webtoon writer, publisher, announcer, and cafe owner and young hottie server. Each episode will be 30-minutes each and will skew on the sexier skinship side similar to City Couple.

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