Lee Chung Ah, Park Kyu Young, Jeon Hyeoseong, and Kang Min Hyuk Sign on for 2022 Netflix Drama Celebrity

I’ve seen folks asking about the 2022 Netflix produced K-dramas and there hasn’t been that many announced yet. So here’s one more to start expanding that short list – Netflix is producing the 12-episode K-drama Celebrity which is called a social and psychological thriller about fame. It will star Lee Chung Ah, Park Kyu Young, Jeon Hyeseong, and Kang Min Hyuk. It’s slated to start filming next month for airing based on Netflix’s programming schedule. It deals with the world of influencers and internet celebrities, those who have made it and those who aspire to that success. I love that cast and this is definitely a new subject matter for Netflix to tackle on its K-drama slate.

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